Is it legal to grow tobacco in California?

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In the state of California, it is legal to grow tobacco. This can be fruitful, growing your own means zero junk or additives. Understand however that curing/drying is a laborious process. I suggest reading up on proper techniques and curing processes.

Source: knowledge on this matter, as I grow and cure my own Virginia and Burley varieties.
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Why is it legal to smoke tobacco?

because unlike hard drugs it is an easly produced taxed and maintained addiction . its not if your under 18 . Added: Most probably because of its historical usage and significance throughout the history of mankind, and over every culture. Governments are unwilling (unable?) to control its manufact ( Full Answer )

Why is it legal to smoke tobacco but not marijuana?

MARIJUANA isn't legal because of years of negative propaganda instituted by the wealthy of America in the 1930s who believed the usability of marijuana would cut into their profits. That negative propaganda has been very effective, but the truth is coming out and marijuana is well on its way to lega ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for teens to smoke tobacco?

In North Carolina the legal age for tobacco usage is 18. Is it smart to use tobacco? No. Do I use tobacco? Yes. Does this make me dumb? Sadly, yes. Is it smart to use tobacco at any age? No.

Is sixteen the legal tobacco age?

16 is the legal age to use tobacco products in the United States (in most states) But you MUST be 18 to purchase or possess tobacco so you can smoke but you cant have more the the cig your smoking on you

What is the legal tobacco age in Virginia?

The legal tobacco age is federal law, which means that no matter where you are in the united states the age is 18 years old. this is to purches or use tobacco you must be at least 18yrs old.

When did Jamestown start growing tobacco?

It was growing since the begining. they had just discoveryed it. So then they stated making money. They used it as medicine, and to act cool. _____ To act cool? haha hardly... Tobacco was so prosperous in that area, so the settlers saw great promise there. They began cultivating it and perfecti ( Full Answer )

Legal consequences of tobacco?

Under any circumstances, it is never legal to sell cigarettes to a minor. Claiming that "I thought he/she was over 18" is never a defence. Always ask for I.D. from anyone that even has a slight possibility of being under 18. As the vendor, you have the right not to sell anything.

Is chewing tobacco legal for a minor?

\n. \nit is unless they catch you\n. \nIn Missouri you can be chewing and be caught by the police, but if you have a can on your person you will get in trouble

Is chewing tobacco legal in baseball?

Yes. The MLB, so I've heard, has made a new rule that the players must wrap their chew in bubble gum, making it a more family-friendly sport, therefore not influencing it to the younger viewers because they might just think the players are chewing bubble gum.

Who can use tobacco products legally?

Depends where you live. In my part of the world you must be over eighteen to legally buy tobacco products, and both purchaser and seller can be prosecuted and fined for breaking this law. You don't hear, though, of youngsters being fined for smoking, though you certainly see it happening in public a ( Full Answer )

How do you grow tobacco?

Tobacco is a very difficult, tempermental, and labor-intensive cropto grow. The seeds are tiny, almost microscopic. These must begerminated in seed beds, with some covering over it to allow waterto enter, but not allow a heavy rain to pound the seedlings, whichwill kill them. Once several inches hig ( Full Answer )

Tobacco legal age London?

You can smoke tobacco at 16 but you cannot purchase it until you are 18.

Did rolfe grow tobacco?

No, John Rolfe was the first European to grow tobacco. The Native Americans taught him.

What does California grow?

I heard Californa has some citrus growers-TRY THEIR ORANGISH FRUIT...DELISH. By orangish I mean it looks like an orange! ;3

Can you legally grow marijuana in California?

It is actually quite legal to obtain, possess or even raise medical marijuana in California and has been since 1996. The so-called Compassionate Use Act allows for the seriously or chronically ill to attempt to treat their ailments with cannabis (marijuana) so long as it has been recommended by a ( Full Answer )

Legal restrictions of nicotine and tobacco?

tobacco contains nicotine which is a psychoactive drug restricted to adults age 18 nd over in the unied states of America and many other countries

Is it legal to grow marijuana in california?

Proposition 215 was passed in California a while ago, this act allows patients that have a doctors reccomendation to use and cultivate marijuana. So yes, it is legal to grow marijuana in California, but the amount if plants allowed is limited.

Is it legal to grow weed in the state of California?

in california if you get a medical marijuana licence you are aloud to smoke it or have up to 8 oz on you or grow up to 15 plants you cant grow if you dont have one, but its not totaly legal if you get caught selling it you can go to prison and even the cops can shut down the shops that sell it if th ( Full Answer )

Is tobacco legal or illegal?

Tobacco is legal for adults to buy in all 50 states. It is illegal for minors to buy or possess tobacco.

Is it legal to grow tobacco in Texas for personal use?

I would presume that growing tobacco for personal use is legal pretty much everywhere (look on Google, there is a LOT of information on growing tobacco at home). I have yet to see anyone say it's illegal to grow tobacco for personal use.

What climate is necessary to grow tobacco?

Before planning to grow Tobacco, it is important to know when to plant Tobacco. Tobacco plants are best grown under warmer climate conditions. It is also best grown where there is rich soil present. Those living in southern areas will find Tobacco growing well in such places. For those who live in c ( Full Answer )

How do you grow tobacco for own use?

Growing tobacco is fairly easy. Once you have purchased tobacco seeds, you sprinkle them directly on top of the dirt and water. You will probably want to start them indoors if you live in a cold climate. Once the last frost passes, you can move them outside. Because you want to use the tobacco ( Full Answer )

What countries grow tobacco?

Tobacco is grown in over 120 countries around the world. China produces 1/3 of the world's total. Brazil and India are the 2nd and 3rd largest producers, followed by the US. These three countries combined produce another third of the world supply. In many smaller countries, like Cuba and the Domi ( Full Answer )

How much marijuana can you legally grow in california?

There is a gray are in this legal matter as of now. My attorney told me that you can "legally" grow up to 99 plants before the Feds step in, and that's with a regular Physician's License, not the special "Growers License". In fact, you can grow the amount you need to consume. Some patients need a lo ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to grow tobacco in Missouri?

yes, its legal in all 50 states. but you may have to get a permitto gorw it, as some states require it. keep in mind that sellingyour crops is much more of a hassle than just growing it foryourself.

What is the largest tobacco growing state?

Kentucky is the largest tobacco growing state. It was North Carolina until the early 90's. (in fact I live in the city that was the largest market within North Carolina during those years,

Is it legal to grow your own tobacco?

It is not illegal to grow your own tobacco. In fact, the practice of growing tobacco inside homes and gardens is widely accepted in the US. While growing tobacco for your personal use is legal, growing tobacco for commercial purposes is strictly regulated in the US and producing tobacco to be sold r ( Full Answer )

How many pot plants can you grow in California legally?

Senate Bill 420 sets the State Guidelines, Also in SB 420 it dictates that counties can set different limits but not less than SB 420. Senate Bill 420 states that you can have 6 mature and 12 immature plants and 1 mother. So in California if you are a Medical Patient those are you BASE guidelines. E ( Full Answer )

Why did the settlers in Georgia grow tobacco?

The settlers in Georgia grew tobacco because taboacco in those days was very simple to grow, and it profited them enough money to actually settle in comfort.

Why is the growing of tobacco controversial?

The growing of tobacco is controversial because farmers are dependent on it for income, but smoking or chewing it causes cancer. Farmers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky are the primary growers of tobacco. Their economic well-being must be balanced with concerns a ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to grow tobacco in Canada?

As long as your of age to smoke it theres no problem growing it. Be careful though, it can be hard to grow and you need a license to sell it

Can Texas farmers grow tobacco?

Growing for personal use is legal, growing to sell and make money is LEGAL if you have proper permits, i do not know where u get the permits.

Can i grow 99 plants legally in California?

As a patient in the state of California you may have 6 mature plants and 8oz of processed, dried Cannabis. You and your doctor may opt. to use "The 99 plant waiver". This is usually used for collectives, but growing over 6 mature/12 immature plants is illegal. The waiver is only for legal purposes t ( Full Answer )

How much tobacco does Wisconsin grow?

I would hazard a guess that Wisconsin grows very little tobacco. It does not have the appropriate climate for that particular plant.

Is tobacco illegal or legal in Australia?

It is legal, However the Australian Government has implemented plain packaging, advertising about the risks of tobacco, and stores are no longer allowed to display cigarette packets. To purchase them, you must ask for the specific brand and packet you want.

What are the legal issues with tobacco?

Tobacco regulation and control, plain tobacco packaging measure and labeling regulations, prohibition on characterizing flavors in cigarettes other than tobacco and menthol also provides relevant material for reflection.