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for what i know it is not legal to have a hand written eviction notice in the state of ny also the landlord must go to court to legal eviction notice

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Q: Is it legal to hand write an eviction notice?
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Can an eviction notice simply be handed to a tenant without going through a court process?

This depends on the state in which you reside. And it depends on what you mean by an eviction notice. In most states, before an eviction can be filed in court, a notice has to be given to the tenant -- normally three to five days -- by hand, asking the tenant to pay his rent or to move. If the tenant doesn't pay his rent by that time then you may begin to file eviction proceedings. Once you do this, only the sheriff's office, Constable, etc. of your jurisdiction may serve an official notice, thereto known as a summons for eviction, to which the tenant must respond by following the instructions on the front page.

Will an eviction be voided after the landlord accepts money once the eviction is finalized?

Not necessarily: this depends on how much money you have paid the landlord. If you paid all of the money you owed the landlord before hand and then your current rent, then the eviction is canceled. Please note that an eviction is complete when you are forced to move out of the apartment, not when the judge issues a writ of ejectment. This is because the landlord must take every step during the eviction process in order to proceed with it.

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How long can you live in a house in foreclosure in Indiana?

If you have been served with legal papers stating that the lender has taken back possession of the property, then you may not (lawfully) occupy it. It is private property and now belongs to the lending institution. On the other hand: If you have not yet actually been served with the papers or evicted, you probably can stay until such time as you receive the eviction notice or the Sheriff's office shows up to put you out.

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