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Yes, but check into them carefully first. Both me & my husband both have insurance coverage on us and our kids. I did not realize it but it is hurting us more than helping us at the moment. My insurance is not as good as my husbands and my birthdate falls earlier in the year. My husbands insurance has a "do duplication of benefits clause in it" which means when they figure up what they pay they figure out their normal amount they would pay subtract off what my primary insurance paid and then pay the difference which is little to nothing. What is really hurting us is that they have larger discounts than my primary and so when they would have paid all of it had they been primary but pay nothing since they are secondary we are stuck to foot the bill (last one was $483.00). Unfortunately I cannot drop my insurance and my husband cannot drop his because of clauses that state that if your spouse has insurance available to them from their employer that they much take it. However, I am going to drop mine to a basic single plan (the smallest I can get) and let my kids just be covered under my husbands which will save us money in the end ( I hope unless there is something else I don't know about), Unfortunately I cannot do this until next January (I just found out about the discounts thing) when my company allows changes to insurance plans. Yes. One is primary, one is secondary. Primary is usually whose birthday comes first in the year. The birthday rule only applies when there are dependants involved. The primary insurance is always the insurance for the company you work for. If your spouse has his/her own coverage, there health insurance from their company will be their primary and yours will be the secondary.

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Q: Is it legal to have your own health insurance through your employer as well as being on your spouse's employer's health insurance plan?
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Where can someone get medical insurance if they are self employed?

Many people receive medical insurance through their place of work. For those that are self employed it can be obtained through an ex-employers plan, COBRA, or utilizing a spouses plan.

Who pays for unemployment insurance in North Carolina?

An employer is responsible for paying unemployment insurance through taxes in North Carolina. Employers pay at both a state and federal level for this type of coverage on their employee.

What is insurance coverage?

some patients have two insurers because both spouses receive coverage through their employer or because they have purchased an HMO policy to supplement the deficiencies of a basic polic, such as Medicare.

Where could one find affordable life insurance in the UK?

The first place to check is with one's employer. Employers sometimes offer these policies at much lower prices than can be found individually. If one's employer does not offer life insurance, affordable life insurance can be found through quote sites such as Select Quote and Insurance Services Online.

How long does it get to get health insurance?

How long does it take to get health insurance? It depends. Are you talking about health insurance that is offered through an employer? If so, some employers require their employees to satisfy a waiting period before they are allowed to enroll for benefits. Most employers don't have a waiting period though. Ask your employer's human resources department for information. And, as with any product, read your insurance brochures and don't be afraid to call their customer service department for help or if you have questions.

What is dual insurance coverage?

some patients have two insurers because both spouses receive coverage through their employer or because they have purchased an HMO policy to supplement the deficiencies of a basic polic, such as Medicare.

Why do most people receive health insurance through their employers?

It is generally cheaper for people to negotiate health insurance prices through their employer as the combined company has better negotiating power than a single person.Employers keep more productive employees if they encourage health among their employees. As such some of the insurance may be subsidized by the workplace. Employers also have an incentive to make sure that employees spend some of their earnings on health maintenance.It is far less effort for an employee to get health insurance from their employers than on their own.

If you and a spouse have different health insurance but have never designated one as primary or secondary could this cause problems when you do designate primary or secondary?

If you have insurance through your employer, and you are the policy holder,(the insurance is in your name) this insurance will be primary for you, and your spouses insurance policy will be secondary. The insurance policy thru your spouse's employer, (your spouse is the policy holder, or the insurance is in their name), this would be primary for your spouse, and your policy would be their secondary. Here's the phamplet from Medicare

Is your employer obligated to deduct unemployment insurance from your paycheck in New Jersey?

Not only is he not obligated to, he is forbidden to. Only employers pay the state through their payroll taxes, never the employee. The state pays the benefits.

Can your employer cancel your group life insurance?

Yes. There is no legal obligation for your employer to offer health insurance unless you have a labor agreement through your labor union that requires it.

Why is portability important?

Insurance policy portability is important if you are considering changing jobs in the future, or in case of job loss (quit your job or get fired). Most insurance plans through employers are NOT portable. All insurance plans taken individually are portable, meaning you can take the policy with you when you leave your employer.

If both your primary and secondary insurance are the same will both policies pay?

If both policies are with the same company, and if you or your employer pays the premiums on them, then yes, they both pay. That is actually common; quite often the husband's insurance through his employer is through the same insurance company the wife's job has.

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