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Yes, of course parents should set very clear rules for any young person who is staying home alone. Such as what to do in an emergency situation, the name of a neighbor who can be relied on to assist if necessary, if they can have friends over, and so forth. The majority of teens are quite capable, leaving them home on their own helps them build confidence and gives them an opportunity to show they can be trusted.

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Q: Is it legal to let your 13-year-old stay at home alone while you run to the store?
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Is it legal to leave kids alone in minnesota?

Please write a longer question. How old are they? Is it while you're at the grocery store? While you're working? While you take a trip? How long will they be alone?

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What is the legal age children can be left alone in a bar in PA while you go skiing?


What is the legal age in California for children to stay at home alone while watching other younger siblings?

California does not have a legal at for when children can stay at home alone. They also do not have a legal age for when children can watch younger siblings. It is generally accepted that children twelve and older are mature enough to do this.

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Is it legal to leave a child at home alone in Minnesota for one or two hrs while you are at work?

only if the child is 11 or older

What is the legal age for children staying home alone while parents go out of state?

16 years of age or if your old enough to stay by yoursself

Can children be left alone to go to the store while sleeping?

It mostly depends on where you live, and how old the child is, because some places do not allow children at home under a certain age by themselves. However, in my personal opinion, children under 13 should not be left alone so a parent can go to the store while the child is sleeping.No.

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Please ask again & tell us which state you live in. Here, in Nevada, they have to be teenage.

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it depends on the age, if you are 12 and up, i think it is- but it is really,really bad parenting younger, i dunno

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