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In my experience, non-profit organizations can reimburse expenses of this kind. There are usually two options for "gasoline expenses": a straight payment (we'll give you x dollars for this event) or a mileage rate (we'll give you x cents per kilometre/mile).

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Q: Is it legal to reimburse volunteer drivers for gasoline expenses when they drive for a non-profit organization?
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What is a nonprofit organization?

A nonprofit organization is a tax-exempt organization that does not declare a profit. All proceeds after operating expenses are met are used to serve the public interest.

How do you use reimburse in a sentence?

An example of a sentence using the word reimburse is, "The company reimbursed me for my travel expenses when I attended a conference." Reimburse means to repay.

What are Gross Receipts for a non profit organization?

Generally, Gross receipts for a non - profit organization can be defined as the amount of money raised from all sources in a fiscal year without being any expenses subtracted.

What are unreimbursed medical expenses?

Unreimbursed medical expenses are those that your insurance company, or HSA will not reimburse you for. These costs are not covered on your plan.

How do you use the word reimburse in a sentence?

I will reimburse you for the bananas that were damaged.Employers must reimburse their employees for some expenses incurred while traveling on business.My mother will agree to pay for the shoes as long as I reimburse her later this evening.

Child support in North Carolina if child is confined?

Yes, to reimburse the State for its expenses.

Do your employers have to reimburse for gas?

No, sometimes it's a perk of the job. But they're not obligated to pay for travel expenses.

What is a budget in a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofit organizations for the most part struggle to pay their bills and keep their doors open. They usually depend on donations and grant so their budget are very small. However, they also get business services donated to the in the form of PR, Marketing, Web Design, etc.. When I worked a nonprofit we had $5000 per month for operating expenses. Good this the only person who was getting paid was the director.

The debit recorded in the journal to reimburse the petty cash fund is to?

debit EXPENSES made from PCF (e.g. Misc. Expenses, Supplies Expense) credit CASH

How can i get commercial drivers license for free?

Work for a municipality in a job which requires you to get one. They'll cover or reimburse your expenses.

Will Homeowners insurance reimburse for mortgage during renovation?

NO, your homeowners policy will cover 'additional living expenses' but will not cover your mortgage.

What tax credits can i claim from an estate I was administrator of?

There are not likely to be any tax credits. The estate should reimburse you for your time and expenses.

Can the ex spouse that is the beneficiary of a Will be made to reimburse other relatives of the deceased for funeral expenses?

In most cases the debts of the deceased, including funeral expenses, are the responsibility of the estate. The estate, or its beneficiary should reimburse any valid debtors before giving any of the assets away. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

What is a tax deduction?

It is a term for an amount, whether it be determined by its cost, like a medical expense, or some other method (like a child or dependent person being considered as a specific amount), that is allowed to offset otherwise taxable income. A Tax Deduction could also be donations: # A church, synagogue, or other religious organization; # A war veterans' organization or its post, auxiliary, trust, or foundation organized in the United States or its possessions; # A nonprofit volunteer fire company; # A civil defense organization created under federal, state, or local law (this includes unreimbursed expenses of civil defense volunteers that are directly connected with and solely attributable to their volunteer services); # A domestic fraternal society , operating under the lodge system, but only if the contribution is to be used exclusively for charitable purposes; # A nonprofit cemetery company if the funds are irrevocably dedicated to the perpetual care of the cemetery as a whole and not a particular lot or mausoleum crypt.

Can you foster a dog for free?

i volunteer with a local group and with them all expenses are paid.

Can a nonprofit Organization debit the projects Expenses and credit Payable Accounts once Projects are approved by the Board in order to track payments to Charity Organizations owning those projects?

Debiting the Projects expenses once they are approved and before they are paid or accrued violates all Accounting standards and distorts Financial reporting .The NFP Organization may keep track of projects Payments through budgeted Accounts in its Accounting System.

How do nonprofit agencies receive their funding?

Nonprofit organizations may receive funding from sponsorship, donations, or reimbursement for services. The designation "nonprofit" doesn't mean that the organization doesn't charge for services, but only that any resulting profit (the difference between income and expenses) is used within the agency to further its mission. For instance, both for-profit and non-profit hospitals charge for services, but non-profit hospitals don't distribute profits to owners or shareholders.

What is the price of surrogate mother in South Africa?

you cant pay a person in south Africa for surrogacy, you can only reimburse them their expenses and loss of earnings

Is Prepaid expenses considered a nominal account?

Yes, prepaid expenses should be a nominal account. Prepaid expenses are not assigned to a particular organization, but rather a category.

What can the FRG Volunteer Support Appropriated (APF) Funds be used for?

1) Training and travel expenses 2) Reimbursement of incidental expenses 3) awards, banquets, and mementos

Do college students receive per diem?

No. Per diem is used to reimburse employees for business expenses. A small percentage of college students are on scholarships that pay an allowance for food, housing, and personal expenses. Typical amount is $15K/yr.

Will workmen's comp reimburse you for hotel costs related to medical expenses?

A Worker's Comp claim can be made for reimbursement of hotel expenses when traveling for medical reasons. Worker's Comp requires that the medical expense travel has to be more than 50 miles away from the home and they may only pay a portion of the expenses.

Is legal expense an admin expense?

Legal expenses is not an admin expenses since legal expenses ararise due to legal issues of the organization. legal expenses are not recurring expenses by nature. Example of legal expenses are feees paid to the professional to represent the legal issues before the competent authority.

Are the expenses for serving refreshments at a volunteer benefit deductible?

See this question for the answer:Can_I_deduct_expenses_for_refreshments_for_a_benefit_held_at_my_home

How do you ask a client to reimburse you for traveling expenses for planning a wedding out of town?

You should not have to ask a client to reimburse you for traveling expenses since you planned the wedding out of town and if you are a wedding planner then send the client a bill and if the bill is not paid within a month send another one. If the last bill sent is not paid then put it into a Collection Agencies hands. If you are not a wedding planner and did this on the side you can do the same thing, but go to small debts court.