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Kay, were you in default of some other terms of the contract? INS,ect??? This sounds like a tote-a-note car lot and they normally do NOT allow you to get 2 days past due. IF you were not in default, CONTACT an attroney ASAP.

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When do you get your first car payment?

Usually around thirty days after purchase

What is a down payment?

a portion of the purchase price that is paid as a condition of getting a loan. In other words, it is the first payment in installment buying.

When will the first payment be due on a car?

Generally, after the purchase of a new or used car, the contract will state when a payment is due. Usually, it is due 30 to 45 days after the contract is signed.

Is there a basic travel allowance in turkey?

is there a basic travel allowance required in turkey for first time flyers

What is an initial payment?

begining of your payment; the first payment you do

Does the first lady get a clothing allowance?


Why debenture redemption reserve is transfer to general reserve?

When debentures are redeemed payment is made from a reserve which is created at the time of purchase of such debentures,therefore at the time of payment first it is transferred to general reserve then as it is expenditure to company.

For biweekly employee's what is considered over time?

if you get paid biweekly and you make 16 hours in the first week over time can they make you deduct from the second week to compensate the hours of over time the following week?

Is the clothing allowance for the first lady from taxpayer?

No. The first lady does not get any clothing allowance from the taxpayers. There is a trust fund donated by a private estate that provide money for the first lady's expenses. (see the related link)

Does the president of the US and the first lady receive a clothing allowance?


How do you write a down payment receipt?

The total purchase price should be the first thing written. The down payment price should then be written under the purchase price. Subtract the down payment amount from the purchase price amount. This will leave you and your client with a balance amount due. Also, address all terms and conditions regarding your other words, additional payment due dates for balance, with or without penalties, late fees, etc. Address, also, any interest that may or may not incur over a period of time.

What is the average of first payment and early payment defaults in the auto industry?

$26,000 annually for a first time payment or early default payment. The payment will still depend on the location and size of company that one is working for in the auto industry.

What is the first lady's clothing allowance?

Mrs Obama gets $40,000 a year

Can the first time home buyer credit be used or considered in the financing of the home such as down payment?

No, it cannot. It can make it easier to pay for a home, but will not make it easier to purchase one. :-(

What kind of merchandise do first national gold carry?

First National gold carries regular merchandise including clothes, shoes, electronics, and home goods. When making a purchase, First National Gold requires a down payment to complete order.

How do you say down payment in Irish?

FWIW the first payment/instalment is 'An chéad íocaíocht'.

How do you write a letter asking for car allowance to employer?

To write a letter to ask for car allowance you must be formal and prepared. First one must have a valid reason to be paid the car allowance. Then you must write a formal letter requesting this to the person in charge of this matter.

Is the payment mortgage on the first of the month covers for that month?

The payment due for the 1st is for present month.

How much do AOL internet plans cost?

To join AOL as a new customer for their Broadband facilities, one is looking at a first monthly payment absolutely free, second monthly payment of å£5.31, and then after that, a rate of å£15.31. In this plan an unlimited download allowance is included. However, one could also take up 30 day free trial, to see if this is the best plan.

What is the most common day of the week for pay day to fall on?

Most commonly, paydays fall on Fridays for both weekly and biweekly payment plans. Although some companies choose to pay their employees once a month. These paydays often fall on the first day of the month, the fifteenth of the month, or the last business day of the month.

What is a down payment of 20 percent on a purchase price of 215000?

To solve this, first convert 20% to a decimal. 20% = .20. Next, multiply the price by .20.$215,000 x .2 = $43,000

What is the main payment for monthly bills?


What is a 1st payment default if it is not later than 30 days?

A first payment default , is when a bank calls the loan on your car because you are late on the first payment, 30 days or not, actually acording to your service agreement you are late like 4 days after the due day. they take it as a personal insult when you miss the first payment, also as a sign of things to come. usually if the repossess your car for a first payment default they will not give it back if you catch the payment. they will call for the full balence on the note and send the car to auction. Check out for other answers like this.

How does a change in payroll from biweekly to monthly affect child support when its payroll deducted?

First let me answer your question: the amount currently taken biweekly amounts to 26 payments in a year. If, by example, the child support were $100 per each biweekly pay period, the year's contribution would be $2600. To calculate the monthly amount, the employer would review the judgment to determine accuracy etc, but then take the $2600 and divide by 12 equal payments. Thus: $216.66 per month. The only concern I would see is IF the change happened at such a time that there is a lag time between when you receive your last biweekly pay and the first monthly pay. The spouse may wonder why they have not received the regularly scheduled support. The employer is only responsible for deducting when there is a pay period. It would be in your best interest to send a check for the child support to the courts at the regular biweekly time and to have "overpaid" than to wait for the first monthly paycheck to be created and the support check to be sent to spouse.

Can you buy something and take it home if you provide a down payment?

Yes, if your down payment is not the starting payment for a layaway purchase. A layaway plan provides a consistent mechanism for a person to buy a product that they cannot currently afford. That person will put down a payment (known as the "starting payment," "first layaway payment" and "securing payment") and will make subsequent payments until the product is paid for. At that point, the person may bring the product home. More traditionally, a down payment is made on something that you want to take home immediately, reducing the amount that one has to borrow (or finance) to do so. One sees down payments (and associated financing of the rest of the purchase price) on larger ticket items including: home appliances, vehicles, computers, etc. If you wish to buy something that you have a down payment for but do not have enough money to pay for the whole thing, be sure that you choose a seller that provides financing (either in-house or through a third-party).