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Yes. Since the vehicle is no longer the property of the former owner, the lending institution is allowed to have their agent (repo man) recover their property for them. Their agent is allowed to go anywhere that is not fenced, locked or otherwise restricted. If you deliberatel hide the vehicle or prevent the lending institution from gaining acces, it can be considered a form of theft, since the vehicle is no longer yours. * In addition, if the lender has obtained a replevin order the vehicle must be surrendered. When a court order has been issued the agent may enter a locked area or posted area or do whatever necessary short of physical violence or property damage to seize the vehicle, cutting a chain and/or a lock is not considered property damage. Be advised, in most states attempting to hide or prevent repossession of a vehicle where a replevin order is in place can create serious legal consequences for the borrower.

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Is there a law against parking in front someones house?

It is legal for you to park in front of someones house. What is illegal is if you block there driveway or partially block there driveway.

Can a cable company lay cable on someones personal property?

A cable company can lay cable on someone's personal property but with the consent of the property owner. Some people will ask for some compensation before allowing this to happen.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

Is egging someones driveway illegal?

Yes it is illegal because it it vandalism.

Should slaves be considered human or property?

Human - no person should ever be thought of being someones personal property. Slavery was abolished long ago in the US.

What is personal sexism?

someones personal feelings about sexism

What is property damage coverage?

Damage to someones property if you were at fault.

Which amendment requires a search warrant to search someones property?

Amendment 4 requires a search warrant to search someones property.

Can you remove someones personal property left at your apartment?

The laws for how to handle and/or dispose of so-called "abandoned property" vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Contact your local authories and ask what you have to do to consider it "abandoned."

Does a guardian have the right to sell someones personal property?

If the person is under 18 yes. a legal guardian controls all aspects of the minors life.

Is a corporation responsible for damage done by their employee to someones personal property?

not unless the employee was on company time or buisiness if the employee was on their own time the corporation is not resposable

Is it illegal to wash someones car on a driveway?

no, as long as you have permission from the owner, or are friends with the owner. if bot, it will be considered trespassing.

Can you hold someones personal property until they repay a debt owed to you?

Yes, if they gave you that property as collateral for the loan. If they did not then you have no right to take any of their property as security for a loan after the loan was made. If they don't pay back the loan, and you have proof of the loan, you need to sue in civil court.

Is it illegal to clock someone speeding while on their motorcycle on someones driveway?

In most states a property owner can make his property subject to vehicle code enforcement. Then the violation is the same as if it had occurred on the street. If you did not have permission to use the driveway you could also be charged with trespassing. Vehicle codes vary quite a bit from state to state. Several of my friends and acquaintances died on motorcycles doing stunts and speeding on private driveways and lots. The cop may be doing you a big favor.

Can someones debt be placed as a lien on your property?

Not unless they also have an interest in the property other than a tenancy by the entirety.

Can you misrepresent yourself to repossess someones car?

No, it is illegal to impersonate someone else in order to repossess a vehicle or another asset. For example: You can't tell the R/O of the vehicle that you're from the dealership and are going to detail the car on their behalf as part of a customer loyalty reward.

Can you pay up someones property taxes and acquire their property?

This can be possible when the property taxes are not paid by the owners and the taxing authorities seize the property and sell it at auction to collect the past due property taxes.

How do you go on an old bionicle website?

go to the link on someones personal webstie

How long are you required to keep someones personal property before you consider it to be abandoned and can sell it?

it varies from state to state - in some states, if you find something of value above $100 you are required to surrender it to law enforcement.

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