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Yes, if you are not making the payments the bank can repo your truck.

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Q: Is it legal to repossess your work truck when you are self-employed?
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In Florida is it legal for a company to repossess your vehicle if that is your only means of transportation to and from work?

YES,its legal in every state.

Can a repo man unhook a work trailer from a truck to repossess the truck?

he cannot take the truck while the trailer is attached. But he can unhook it then take the truck. Just put locks on the chains and the hitch. He could still cut the locks off...but ???

Is it legal to drive a forklift truck on a sidewalk?

umm no not unless your on the sidewalk by a buisness that you work for .

Can they repossess your car at your place of work in Georgia?

As long as they dont Breach the Peace, they gotcha.

Will a 1995 nissan truck transmission work in a 1997 nissan truck?

of course it can work

Do you have to pay full amount owed on repossess mobile home?

You can go to the lender and work out a deal.

What does wt mean on your 1993chevy pickup truck?

Work truck

Will the people that financed a truck work with you if you miss one payment?

They might, it is in their best interest to work with you. If they have to repossess a truck, it may be more hassle than it is worth. Banks want you to succeed, call and work it out. You can negotiate a higher interest rate and more payments to spread it out further. You get to make lower payments and the bank gets more money in interest. It isn't smart financially, but if you are in trouble and this is your only option, it is better than losing your car and ruining your credit.

In Florida can your car get repossess from place of work such as a school with children around?

Good question. Any one have the answer?

1984 Chevy truck a arms work on1965 Chevy truck?


How does a digger truck work?

they work on hydrolic arms

Will the accessories bracket for a 1990 truck work for a 1989 Chevy truck?

Yes it will.

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