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No. Your insurance carrier needs to know where you are driving the vehicle most. It is called insurance fraud to live in one state, but have coverage somewhere else. Now if your insurance company is located in another state, but they know where you are and have your address updated, then it is okay.

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Is it legal to reside in one state and register and insure an auto in another state to get cheaper rates?

No. That is called insurance fraud and you could face penalties (according to your state).

How old do you need to be to get car insurance?

Most insurance companies require a person to be 18 years old in order to purchase automobile insurance. The reason for this is that the insurance application along with the policy make up a legal contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. A person who is not yet 18 is not a legal adult and therefore is not legally able to sign such a contract.

What has the author Werner Pfennigstorf written?

Werner Pfennigstorf has written: 'The European experience with attorney fee shifting' -- subject(s): Fees, Lawyers 'Legal service plans' -- subject(s): Prepaid legal services 'Compensation of auto accident victims in Europe' -- subject(s): Automobile Insurance, Insurance, No-fault automobile, Law and legislation, Social security

Can you get a car insurance quote under 17?

A person under the age of 18 is not a legal adult. For this reason you should not own an automobile. If you do not own the vehicle then you cannot insure it. You can only insure a vehicle that you own. An insurance application and policy together form a legal and binding contract. Most insurance companies will not recognize a legal contract unless it is signed by a legal adult. This is the reason you are having trouble getting a quote.

What are some of the larger insurance companies in the UK?

One of the larger insurance companies in the UK is the insurance company Legal & General. Another of the larger insurance companies is the company Aviva.

Whats the legal age to get married?

It depends the country in which you reside.

Who needs legal malpractice insurance?

Legal Malpractice Insurance is coverage specifically for professionals practicing in the legal field

What type of liability insurance is used by an attorney?

Attorneys use Professional Liability Insurance. Often referred to as Legal Liability Insurance

How do you get guardianship for a child that is not your and lives in another country?

You can't obtain a legal guardianship for a child who does not reside in your jurisdiction. The court would not have any authority to grant a guardianship over a child who lives in another country.

What is the legal definition of crime?

"crime is an act where there has been injury to another person or damage to property/public property/Damage to a highway or another's automobile.

Is it a good idea to have legal insurance with your auto insurance?

Legal insurance is not the same as auto insurance; legal insurance is simply a retainer that is paid to an attorney or lawyer so that they can be help in counsel if they are needed. Auto insurance, depending on the level and premium paid, provides coverage in case of an accident.

Legal Insurance ?

form_title=Legal Insurance form_header=Legal insurance provides attorneys, lawyers and other legal professionals with the professional liability insurance they need to be successful. Main area(s) of practice:=_ Full or part time?= () Full () Part Number of Attorneys in your firm:=_ Do you currently have professional liability insurance?= () Yes () No

Does Paris Hilton have slaves?

Nope. She does not reside in any country where slavery is legal.

Married in Romania divorcing in NY legal?

If you reside in New York state, yes, you may obtain a legal divorce there.

Is becoming airborne while crossing the wake of another motorboat when within 100 feet of that motorboat legal for a PWC?

To my knowledge it is not a federal law, it may be a law in the state you reside.

Is Legal and General the name of an insurance company?

Yes, Legal & General is an insurance company. They offer life, home, landlord, lifestyle cover, and pet insurance.

Is it legal to charge a patient after insurance submission is filed wrong by the doctor?

If an insurance form has been filled out incorrectly, you just get another copy of the form and fill it out correctly instead. No need to give up on the insurance application.

Is it legal for a person to have another investigated without their consent The state I reside in is Tennessee?

There is no requirement to have permission to investigate someone. There are privacy laws that prevent them from getting access to many records. But to search public records is perfectly legal without notification.

What automobile is street legal and doesnt require license to operate?

I know of no automobile that does not require a license to operate on public streets and roads.

Are bugatti's legal in Georgia?

A Buagatti is a high performance automobile that is often used for racing. They are legal in the state of Georgia.

What is the purpose of legal malpractice insurance?

The purpose of legal malpractice insurance is to cover all or some of the legal costs of an attorney, who is being sued by a former client for malpractice.

Can a driver with no insurance clain of your insurance?

Sorry, the driver with no insurance can claim of your insurance. He/she has no legal right to lodge such unauthorised claim.

Can your child be a beneficiary under your life insurance policy if you do not have legal custody of her and can a life insurance company require that you be their legal guardian?


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no it is not legal to make VIN plates and we cant get licence

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If you mean a legal resident alien, yes. If you mean a legal resident of Arizona, yes. If you mean a legal resident of another state- THAT depends on which gun. You may purchase a rifle or shotgun from a dealer in any state (unless you reside in CA) but you may only purchase a handgun in your home state.