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No. That is called insurance fraud and you could face penalties (according to your state).

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โˆ™ 2006-04-17 15:11:14
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Q: Is it legal to reside in one state and register and insure an auto in another state to get cheaper rates?
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Is it illegal to register and insure a car outside of the state you reside?


Can you register a car in another state other than where you reside?

No, you can not register a car in a state that you do not reside in. It is illegal to do so, you must register your car where you live.

Can i register your car in one state but have license in another state?

I don't want you near my car! You must register your car in the state you reside. The state of South Carolina requires it within 30 days of beginning residency.

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Is it possible for someone to cosign when they reside outside the state?

That depends upon the lender and there are lenders who will allow a cosigner to reside outside the state where the purchase is made and will use UCC laws to insure the contract remains valid.

Do active duty service members pay sales tax on cars in VA?

The answer would be "YES" if you were to register the car in VA. But the answer would be "NO" if you were to register the vehicle in another state ie: you reside in, or intend to license the vehicle in. In truth with Automobiles the tax mostly called excise is collected by the registrar in the state you are going to register the vehicle in. Not only do you pay the sales tax when you first register the vehicle after purchasing it, but you also pay an excise tax. Note: Some information, starting with another question, has been moved to the Discussion page.

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Can you take an encumbered car into another state to register it?

You can only legally register a vehicle in the state in which you reside. If, for instance, you move to another state, as long as the lienholder knows where the vehicle is going to be located there is no problem. HOWEVER - if you intend to take the vehicle to another state in order to conceal its location from the lienholder then you are committing an unlawful act and attempting to deprive the lienholder of their rightful property. You can be charged with auto theft ESPECIALLY if you cross a state line in order to do it.

Are the taxes for a new car based on where you live or where you buy the car?

The taxes on a new vehicle purchase will be paid to the state where you reside. If you purchase the vehicle in a state other than the one where you reside you will pay the sales tax when you register it, or title it in your state.

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Can you be insured in one state and registered in another?

Yes, you can be, but you need to have insurance and registration in the state you reside.

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