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Is it legal to ride mini bikes in Ohio?


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Check with the DMV because they can tell you what vehicles are legal to drive in the state and what state laws apply to them.


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It is legal to ride some mini bikes on the roads in California. These bikes must posses the 17 digit Vin number.

no, sorry but in is not legal to ride mini bikes in california.

No it is not legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Jersey. In some states it is legal to ride mini dirt bikes on sidewalks.

can i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legallyAnswercan i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legally

It can be, it mostly depends on the area and street laws!

In the state of Virginia it is legal to ride mini bikes and scooters on sidewalks and private property. It is also legal to drive mini bikes without a license if one has a photo id that has their date of birth, address and phone number on it.

Mini-bikes go by many names, including pocket bikes, miniature motorcycles, mini-motos, or pocket rockets. Laws regulating the use of these small, motorized bikes vary from state to state. In California it is currently illegal to ride a mini-bike on any road, sidewalk, bikeway or recreational trail. However, use on private property is legal.

It depends on what state of matter you are currently in....

Yes, as long as you do not ride out of the ditch onto the streets.

"Mini Pocket Bikes" are legal to drive in New York!Mini pocket bikes are used both for transportaion and having the thrill ofriding a motorcycle without the high-cost of buying a real one."IF HE/SHE IS RIDING A "MINI POCKET BIKE" THAT PERSON has to BE WEARING === A HELMET IF HE/SHE FAILS TO DO SO HE WILL BE SUMMONED A TICKET"-HE/SHE MUST BE 11 YEARS OR OLDER TO RIDE THIS MINI POCKET BIKE!!THE MINI POCKET BIKE CAN BE DRIVEN ON THE FOLLOWING PLACES:-PUBLIC ROAD!-SIDEWALK(WATCH FOR PEOPLE AND CARS ENTERING AND LEAVING DRIVEWAY)-ANY LOCAL PARK WITH BIG OPEN FIELDS!-THESE LITTLE MOTORCYCLES ARE STREET LEGAL IN ALL OF THE FIVE(5) BOROUGHS!!THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!Mini pocket bike are legal to own and also ride in new York city And the pocket bike also has to be EPA Approved and Certified RIDE SAFELY!!I HOPE THIS LINK WAS HELPFULL CODE Fi092364

Is it legal to ride in a trailer while pulled by a truck

you can be any age to ride a mini moto. and ignore that other answer you cant make them road legal :)

Yes, but you are low to the ground so riding a busy street can be dangerous so it is recommended that you ride on the side walk

hellfreak'n yes, now jiggy wit it....... hellfreak'n yes, now jiggy wit it....... is it legal to charge $10 bucks to fish in da ocean??? you better know it!! now ride sally,,,ride.....jiggy on dat mini bike with dub 22"

No, they do not have all the specifications of a legal mode of transportation. In almost every state its illegal to ride them on "Public Roads" because they don't meet specific specifications. You can however ride them on "private roads". Since they are not street legal you do not need insurance or a license to ride them so that�s a plus. Besides they are too low to the ground to be street legal and safe to ride on public roads.

No they have to be lisenced and tabbed to be legal if you can do that your good but I doubt you could get it registered

At a mini bike course in kent it really helps you ride real motorbikes, motorpeds, bikes next to the center theres a driveing school you will try better with cars there aswell

dirt bikes are not a "street legal vehicle", and it is legal for a 13 yr old to ride it off-road

Yes you can ride from the age of 8. But since your sixteen you can get it road legal

Yes, completely safe. If your 8 year-old can ride a bicycle, he/she can ride a dirtbike.

Around 2% of Americans ride bikes.

You can't ride them on the street. They are not street legal. You will need working headlights, tail lights, and they must be licensed and titled. You can;t get a tag for them, so you can't ride them on the street legally. The police will pull you over and give you a ticket. There is some good informatiom on Street Legal Mini Bikes at:

Yes, the Amish people can and do ride bikes all the time.

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