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yes you can sell it without a liquor license. * The potential seller should contact the liquor license board of his state of residency. General such a sale is possible as long as it is to an adult and not outside of the state in which the seller resides, for example you could not legally sell such merchandise on ebay. The seller should also bear in mind that when selling any merchandise that could be misused and due potential harm they are placing themselves in a position where they could be held civily and in some instances criminally responsible. The best option is to have a third party who is licensed and insured or bonded to handle the sale.

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Is it legal to have a .m3u playlist on your personal website if you are not the artist of the songs on the playlist?

With a license, yes. Without a license, no.

Are you allowed to print copyrighted art on a single personal shirt?

Not without a license; there is no minimum quantity to be called infringement.

Does a law firm have to obtain a license to be a debt collector and what agency gives them license?

In most jurisdictions, law firms may take steps to collect debts without any special license. They do have to abide by the debt collection laws for the jurisdiction.

Can you buy bullets without a license?

yes you can buy bullets without a license you can also buy cartridges without a license.

Can you fish without a license?

Can u fish on the state pfarylamd without a license

Is it legal to get married without a license in Missouri?

No, you cannot legally get married without a license.

What will happen if you drive without a license?

You will end up without a do not try it

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Can u buy a motorcycle without a license in Florida

Can you get married without a license in Ohio?

Without a license it would not be a legally recognized marriage.

Driving without a license?

It is illegal to drive without a license anywhere in the US. If you are caught driving without a license the penalty may range from an on-the-spot fine to imprisonment.

If you have a suspended or revoked driver's license in California but the license has expired can you get a driver's license in Texas?

No. When you apply for a license in any state, that department of motor vehicles will search under your name. A record of the expired suspended license will come up and you will be denied a drivers license. Driving without a license can eventually lead to jail. Believe me, I know from personal experience: Pay the fees, get your CA license taken care of and then get a valid TX license. You'll be happy you did.

Can you own a lizard without a license in Australia?

No, you cannot own a lizard in Australia without a license.

How many cars can be sold without a dealers license in Louisiana?

You can sell 4 without a license.

How much distilled liquor is legal for family use?

It is illegal to distill alcohol for either personal or commercial use without a federal license to do so.

Can cops drive their personal cars without license plates?

No. Being a cop is a job not a privilege. All road laws apply to them when off duty.

Driving without a learners permit?

Drivingt without a learners permit, and without a license, would constitute 'driving without a license' which is a misdemeanor offense.

How bad is driving without a license?

It is bad driving without a drivers license. It is not legal in the United States to operate a vehicle without a license. One can be arrested and face heavy fines.

Can you use SEC logos?

With a license, yes. Without a license, no.

How many children can you babysit in Missouri without a license?

how many children can i babysit in missouri without a license?

Can an immigrant drive without a license?

No, in America they can not. You cannot ever legally drive without a license in America.

Can you get car insurance in NY without a driver's license?

Progressive will give you insurance without your license but its not as cheap.

The fine for practicing without a license for cosmetology?

the fine for practicing cosmetology without a license is a maximm is $200.00

How many children can you babysit without a license In South Carolina?

You can babysit 4 children without a daycare license. If you are going to do this as a business, then you need to get a license.

Can you have auto insurance without having a personal car if you have a valid driver's license?

Yes, it's called a non-owners policy and many companies sell them.

How many children can you babysit in Iowa without a license?

You can babysit up to four children without a license. Anything over that and you will need to apply for a license for childcare.

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