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When being addressed verbally, "Dr. Smith" is generally used. In writing, though, it would typically be "Ellen Smith, Ph.D."

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Q: Is it legal to use the designation Dr in front of your name if you have earned a Ph.D degree?
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Is it legal to use the designation Dr in front of your name if you have earned an integrated PHd degree?

yes!and they should call you "doctor" not just "doc":-)

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Is is legal to use designation Dr in front of your name after getting a degrree from Indian Board of Alternative medicine?

It is legal to use designation of a Dr.(A.M.) once you complete a degree from them. Simply using Dr. is not permitted because you have to differentiate yourself from a practitioner of allopath (conventional medicine). Indian Board is teaching the various alternative therapies and trains to become practitioners and therapists of complementary medicine. Simply using the desgination of a Dr. may lead to confusion and thereby is prohibited.

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The letters J.D. follow the name of anyone who has obtained a law degree and that stands for Juris Doctor. A J.D. is the legal (not as in legal or illegal, but as in the study of law) equivalent of an M.D.

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