Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections)

Is it likely that you are pregnant if you have a urinary tract infection and are late for your period?


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Yes, especially if you are on antibiotics and are on the birth control pill and didn't use a back up. Antibiotics can make the pill not work. Take a home test or go see your doctor to find out if you are pregnant. UTI's and antibiotics won't make your period late.


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If you are of menstruating age, it could be slight menstrual blood being washed off when your urinate. If it is not near your period, chances are you have a urinary infection. If you are male, you also likely have a urinary infection.

Yes, you can have a urinary tract infection during your period.

You cant be pregnant if your having a normal period. But you can have a yeast infection during a period.

no if you dont have your period your pregnant but if you do have a period you are most likely not pregnant

Sure, but more likely you have an infection or that something is wrong. See a doctor.

No, it is not healthy. It can cause you to have a urinary tract infection or kidney infection by holding it.

A bladder infection would probably not stop a period. If you ARE pregnant a bladder infection could cause you to miscarry. A bladder infection should be treated as it can backtrack to the kidneys so go to the doctor about the infection and tell him/her that you have missed your period.

You can get pregnant at any time but you are more likely to get pregnant 14 days after your period

A bladder infection will not usually affect menstruation. A women with a bladder infection will likely continue to have their period.

No. You can get pregnant before, during and after your period.

It is possible, depending on when you had unprotected sex (roughly in the middle of your cycle is the most likely time). The infection and antibiotics would have had little effect on your menstrual cycle. Periods can be late for a variety of reasons, but if you do a home test at this stage, it should give you an accurate result.

During your period is the best time to get pregnant.

It's actually very confusing. It can be a sign of being pregnant.. it can also be that you are ovulating.. or that you have a urinary tract infection.

From everything I read it can not stop a period BUT a kidney or other Urinary tract infection can cause a late or missed period.

Once a girl has her period, she is at a chance to get pregnant if she is sexually active.

You can get pregnant at any time

Most likely if you have a normal period on time you are not pregnant.

If you are bleeding after having a urinary tract infection and your period is no where by near due, go to the doctor ASAP! Your infection may not have been treated properly and be causing you extreme damage .

White cells are a sign of infection. If you have them in your urine it probably means you have some type infection in your urinary tract. Your period should not have white cells being secreted because there is no infection.

The least likely time to get pregnant is DURING your period. After that, it's a crap-shoot.

Yes you can get pregnant on your last day of your period and if the condom is on right and doesn't break or slide off it's most likely to get pregnant on your period.

Affection of the sexual kind will cause a missed period if you are pregnant. An infection will seldom cause your menstrual cycle to be late.

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