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Is it likely to be more painful to have a filling on your two front teeth than elsewhere?


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2015-07-16 18:11:36
2015-07-16 18:11:36

No, but some areas of the mouth are a bit more painful to have the numbing shot in. It depends on the person and the dentist.

YES YES YES YES YES . there are more nerves in the front of your face than in other parts of your face. the shot is much more painful , but drilling should not be felt regardless. It is sometimes harder to hit the proper nerve in the front without causing pain first.


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The whole is most likely from a cavity so they will put a filling in it. Most likely the dentist will get you numb. When you are numb they will drill out any decay and then shape the whole so it will hold a filling properly. If it is a front tooth, you will get a tooth colored filling. If it is a back tooth, you could get a silver filling or a tooth colored filling. That depends on your insurance, the docotor and you. If you have more questions, the dentist should answer any of them before beginning the work.

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The best thing to do is get a filling. This will prevent further decay, which is what a cavity is, in the tooth. Since it is in your front teeth, it will most likely be a superficial filling with minimal drilling, so there is nothing to worry about. A normal price for a filling without insurance usually costs $150-$175. Get that cavity out as soon as possible!

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It all depends of how big your filling is located, of how rapidly your dentist works, and of where your tooth is located (front versus back tooth).

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If you have a broken front tooth, you will want to get to the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can either remove the tooth or add a filling.

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