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No, but some areas of the mouth are a bit more painful to have the numbing shot in. It depends on the person and the dentist.

YES YES YES YES YES . there are more nerves in the front of your face than in other parts of your face. the shot is much more painful , but drilling should not be felt regardless. It is sometimes harder to hit the proper nerve in the front without causing pain first.

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Q: Is it likely to be more painful to have a filling on your two front teeth than elsewhere?
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How will the dentist treat a tooth with a small hole in the front of it?

The whole is most likely from a cavity so they will put a filling in it. Most likely the dentist will get you numb. When you are numb they will drill out any decay and then shape the whole so it will hold a filling properly. If it is a front tooth, you will get a tooth colored filling. If it is a back tooth, you could get a silver filling or a tooth colored filling. That depends on your insurance, the docotor and you. If you have more questions, the dentist should answer any of them before beginning the work.

I have a cavity between my front two teeth what is the best solution and how much will it cost?

The best thing to do is get a filling. This will prevent further decay, which is what a cavity is, in the tooth. Since it is in your front teeth, it will most likely be a superficial filling with minimal drilling, so there is nothing to worry about. A normal price for a filling without insurance usually costs $150-$175. Get that cavity out as soon as possible!

How much does a filling cost for a front tooth?

it is normally $300

How long does a dental filling take to fill?

It all depends of how big your filling is located, of how rapidly your dentist works, and of where your tooth is located (front versus back tooth).

why dont they tell you up front if there a charge for filling out th application?

why is it so hard to get a grant

How do you fix your broken front tooth?

If you have a broken front tooth, you will want to get to the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can either remove the tooth or add a filling.

What kind of weather would an occluded front likely bring?

An occluded front would likely bring cold and dry weather.

The weather most likely to be found at a stationary front is?

warm-front rain

What is a movable lump in front of the ear that is painful to touch?

I don't know but if it is able to move why don't you take it out?

There is a knot that doesn't move and painful to touch in front of right ear?

You need to go and get it checked out at the doctors

Do front load washing machines have dust filters?

Front load washing machines do have dust filters. These filters protect the washer from filling up with dust and debris.

Will the dentist makes you get a filling or a crown if a chunk of your front tooth fell out will it get infected if it's not treated immediately?

It would be more for the appearance of the teeth. Infection is not likely depending on how much tooth is broken. Chances are if there is pain it has affected the nerve root and needs attention.

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