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Log is the verb, in describes where you are logging. Login is what you type when you are logging in.

When used as a verb, use log in to
When used as an adjective, use log-in
When used as a noun, use login
When you log in to the system, verify that you have the correct log-in information. My login is johndoe.
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How do you log out?

" How do you log out" from where? If your talking about logging out from this site, You go up to the left hand side in the blue box right by your user name & click.

What is logging?

Logging is the process by which certain trees are cut down by amachine for forest management and timber.

How do you login a v5?

If you are revering to a tamagotchi, than you came to the right person! 1.Go to the Heart on your tamagotchi. 2.Go to PC. 3.Then will appear a code. 4.Go to or . 5.Then click v4,v4.5,or v5. 6.Enter the code that is on your tamagotchi int ( Full Answer )

Login to MySpace?

Go ot and on the right side of the page there is an area to enter your email address and password.

Where do you login in WikiAnswers?

When you go to there should be a blue box on the left for you to be able to login. If you have not created a username or password you cannot login.

How do you login ymail?

You type in ymail or if u don't have a ymail account it was when u were signing up

Why is there logging?

There is logging because we need paper and other wood resources. But why exactly do we have logging? If you love logging or hate logging then you should do something about that cause if yo never wanted logging to exist I'm with you. I hate logging. That doesn't mean you have to though. If you love l ( Full Answer )

How do you login wikimapia?

In the wikimapia page, click the "WikiMapia" menu and select "login/register" to login or register.

How do you log out this?

Go to the blue box on the left of this site's screen . On the top right corner of the blue box you will see an optionthat logs you out . [Sign Out] and good job

What is the login for toph?

In the Avatar Legend of the Arena, the secret code to unlock the character of Toph is METAL BENDING.

How do you login out of Myspace?

On the right hand of your upper page there, it should say Log Out or Sign out or something like that. Unless you're on Mobile then it's on the bottom of the page.

Who is logged in?

Find out who has logged in / out, who has send or received the highest or least mails, detailed report on your mail server activity for exim log file / Apache log file stats Analysis. by using log analyzer. I prefer to use http://Myloganalyzer - A Free Web log analysis software

What does Login mean?

Login means that when you enter a website and you type in the user name and password, then that means you are logged in to the website... I hope that helps....... Preet shah Class 5

What is login?

Login is when you type in your account name and password To get your account name and password you need to "Sign Up"

When i try to get in to maple story after iv downloaded it it just logs me out and says you have been disconnected from the login server why is that?

This is a common problem. Check your virus program. If you have Moon secure. delete it and get AVG or norton . these to work with maplestory. If you dont have moon secure and have one of these virus programs i just said . update your drivers. One other way is to delete your virus program even if its ( Full Answer )

How do you get logged out?

Either click the red 'X' in the top right corner, or wait a few minutes and it will automatically log out.

Where to login toontown?

you go on the website download it so it will be in your E-mail click what ever says toontown whatever it will say then mae your acount finish it then you go on the website again download the icon log in then there you go and WARNING:it might stop you from doing toontasks.

How do you login to Fantage?

Its easy,go to the one that says play,with colorful colors.Then you should be able to.You should have your username,and password.

How do you login for roiworld?

on tho top of the page there is a thing that says "Login or Login with...".you just click login, type in your username and password, and there you go! I'm meganlf on roiworld, feel free to friend me!

How do you login theslapcom?

If you know where the REGISTER thing is then just to the right of it is the Login button. Click that and then type in your username and password.

How do you login on freerider?

go onto then look in the top left corner and click register the make an account then you either have to click log in / or you maybe already logged in M8

How do you log in to this?

Well considering that you already posted a question, you should already be logged in. If you have not created an official account, you can sign up and generate a username and get to know other users and Supervisors on this site. It is very addicting and rewarding. Badges will be awarded to you after ( Full Answer )

How do you login Ubiworld?

You have to look at the girl and boy and choose one then you press login. After that if your not a member click on the words that says become a member. There you go you can start

How do you login to Poptropica?

First you must make an account on poptropica. If you are a new player click the button that says new player to proceed to the account making process. If you already have a poptropica go to returning player and put in your username and password and your set

How do you login to miocado?

Unfortunately, there is no website known as miocado. However, there is a grocer in the United Kingdom known as Ocado. This grocer does have a website for the employees to use known as miocado. Login information is only given to employees of the grocer. Therefore, if one wants to login to miocado ( Full Answer )

Why can you not login to Iwon?

Check your username and password. Most passwords are case sensitive, so a word like Apple is not the same as apple. If you still cannot sign in, request your login information directly from the website.

What is gotomypc login?

GoToMyPC login is a webpage that allows you to access anything on your home personal PC through the internet on any other computer in the world. This allows you to work anywhere you need.

How do you login to my account?

The first thing i did was my user name,& the second thing is my email, after that your password, & you will retry your password.pj

How do you login to


How do you login into wordpress?

If you are logged out, there should be a log in button in the top left corner of the screen. All you have to do then is type in your username and password.

How do you login to Minecraft?

Download the launcher on, its on the homepage, then using the login information Minecraft supplied you after you purchases a license, log in.

What are advantages of social login over traditional log in system?

As the Internet has become part of our lives, the typical internet user today has accumulated dozens of accounts on many different websites, each bearing a distinct username and password to remember. When managing these accounts, many users recycle the same password across multiple sites, and jeopar ( Full Answer )

What is Facebook login used for beside logging into Facebook?

Facebook login is commonly used for logging into Facebook and to share comments to friends and reading articles or write easily with someone's feed. Facebook login is commonly used for logging into Facebook and to share comments to friends and reading articles or write easily with someone's feed.

What is the login for?

The match login is so one can go to their dating profile and look up their matches and edit info. Without this anyone could edit anothers information.

How do you login woozworld?

There is a "Already a member?" button at the top of the title page.Click that, and type in your email and pass and there you go!

Does ETrade login offer a secure site log in?

Yes, Etrade does offer secure login. They are Norton Secured. ETrade was founded in 1992 and went public in 1996. Their head quarters are in New York City and they have 30 locations nationwide.

What is a login for Funimation?

It's the username you used to make your funimation account, andyour password you provided for the account.