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The only one you will ever hurt is yourself. You can go to these places, but be prepared. Men with money can either be super cheap, or spend like crazy, but if they grow weary of you it can break your heart and put it this way ... they have lawyers and power and you don't! Stay away! If you happen to get into a relationship where the man is wealthy then so be it, but I can tell you after 64 years on this earth MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING. I've been through super rough times financially with my husband, but we stuck it out, put our heads together worked the problem out and felt fantastic for doing so. It's strengthened not only our characters, but our marriage. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT USUALLY IS!!!!! Marcy It could hardly be described as manipulative, as men who have wealth are well aware (or should be) of it's attraction. No adult can be manipulated (a better term might be used), unless they allow themselves to be. If a wealthy person is so out of touch that they do not realize their financial status is the main reason someone finds them attractive, it might be in their best interest to remain in the counting room tallying up the $$$.

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2005-11-24 20:51:37
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Q: Is it manipulative to go only to places where rich men hang out?
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