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yes of course it is are you daft? he can suck all he wants to

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Q: Is it medically good for a husband to suck while the woman is trying to conceive?
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Is it medically good for husband to suck while trying for a baby?

Your question is not exactly clear ( I'm not sure what you are inquiring that he would be sucking) but anything I can think of would have no benefits when trying to conceive a child.

Is it safe to travel while trying to get conceive?

It is not safe to travel while trying to get conceive as it is very dangerous .

Should you receive hepatitis vaccine while trying to conceive?

Yes, you can still receive the hepatitis vaccine while you are trying to conceive. It will not interfere with your menstrual cycle or the ability to conceive a child.

Is it safe to conceive while a husband is taking antibiotics?

Consult your Doctor.

Can you keep taking Adderall while trying to get pregnant then stop when you find out you are?

It's not a very safe idea to take Adderall while trying to conceive.

Is wearing tight jeans or girdle bad for you while trying to conceive?

No it wont affect your ovulation.

Why do wives cheat when they are trying to conceive with their husbands?

Of course, ever watch Maury? It seems pretty stupid to me, but they do have sex without protection while trying to conceive with their husbands. They probably figure it will be no big deal, or they won't get caught.

Can you take Wellbutrin while trying to conceive?

Wellbutrin appears to be one of the antidepressants which are usually okay to take when trying to conceive. The best thing to do in this situation would be to talk to a qualified health professional to ensure that the best possible thing is done for the baby and for the mother.

Is it safe to take ibuprofen while trying to conceive?

No. It is suggested that you take paracetamol instead but speak to your doctor before taking anything

What should a man take instead of Lyrica while trying to conceive?

Researchers are studying whether or not Lyrica can affect a man's fertility. Many doctors have said that men trying to conceive should take an alternative medication. This is something that should be gona over with a medical doctor.

Is it safe for the father to take adderall while trying to conceive?

Adderall is a very unsafe drug to use if a father is trying to conceive. Adderall is known to cause erectile dysfunction after a period of prolonged use. The changes in blood pressure may also minimize arousal levels.

Does eating parsley help infertility?

Parsley should never be consumed while a person is trying to get pregnant. It can actually produce a miscarriage if it is eaten in large amounts. Safe herbs to consume while trying to conceive, or while pregnant, include peppermint and lavender.

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