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I am not sure what MA is, but don't worry most of us feel like this at some time or another in our lives. I know it sounds silly, but go and talk to your parents, tell them you need some encouragement rather than put downs, they are probably not doing it to hurt you, they just dont realise. If you can't, go and visit a doctor they can get you counselling, or even talk to teacher at school. Don't suffer in silence, it only makes things worse.

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Q: Is it mental abuse when a parent yells at you 24-7 for not doing something right and you feel really bad and are very depressed and cry every night because you feel like you can't do anything right?
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How do you cope with a mental illness?

Do your best to live life an d not get depressed or anything. I have a mental illness, and i can work through it. you can also.

How community affect the mental health of an individual?

Someone might be shunned by a community therefore making the person depressed or something.

What is the relationship of emotion to the health?

Emotional is related to health because if your depressed you will get stressed and it can give you a mental disorder.

Did dick clark suffer from mental illness?

yes. he was depressed.

How do jackets keep you dry?

because they have fur in it what are you mental or something.

Is recurrent depression considered a mental illness?

It really depends on the length of time you feel depressed and the the strength of the depression. Some people "feel" depressed or sad and some people "are" depressed.

How do you pull out of a mental block when playing a sport?

Focus on something else (anything) for a couple seconds, or you can go and get something to drink (water, Gatorade Powerade, etc.) and you will most likely be able to get rid of your mental block.

how do people get depressed yall?

Depression is a mental illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, not a habit that develops over time.

What kind of person plans a suicide?

Normally people who are insecure about themselves and people who are depressed. ----- People who are frustrated, and depressed. A lot of people suffer from depression from maybe loosing a family member or something. But some people have a mental illness, and don't know what they are doing when the do it.

How many bully victims get depressed?

alot of them, except for people with mental issues

Did Julius Caesar have mental health issues?

yes he was an emotional disorder he never felt a sense of accomplishment after achieving something felt sad, depressed,that sorta stuff. hope it helped :)

How does mental health affect your attitude?

Mental health plays a huge role in your attitude. If you are depressed you don't have a very happy attitude about life.

How do I not be depressed?

You must engage in physical and mental activities designed to obliterate negative thoughts.

Why do teens get depressed?

Some teens get depressed when something dramatic comes up or when there is a problem. the above answer is kinda right AND wrong tbh. Teens can get just as depressed as adults can, for the same reasons. You can be born with a dispossition, or could have been hereditry. but either way it is a mental illness that doesnt always come from one particular event, YES teens can have depression.

How come when you feel guilty about someone or something beyond your control such as wars poverty and disasters?

This could be a sign of depression, which has many symptoms, and is often unrecognized by those who suffer from it. Seek out a counselor, someone that you can talk with who is educated in the mental health field. Do not think that being depressed is something that you will just 'snap out of' because that is often not the case.

Why some children are born mentally depressed?

They are born mentally depressed because at the past generation those childrens had done some of the things againstly to the god So they are born mentally depressed at the present generation.

How will you know if you're depressed?

Usually it is a mental state but you can talk to a doctor or a therapist and be diagnosed with depression.

Can you die because you want to die?

actually you can.Wanting to die without being depressed is a sign of mental illness. If you ever have this problem contact your doctor asap (as soon as possible.)

When was Fundamental - Mental As Anything album - created?

Fundamental - Mental As Anything album - was created in 1985-03.

What do you call mental ability?

mental ability is when someone can't do something because they are def, blind, in a wheel chair, broke an arm, any kind of injury

When you are depressed can you die?

Depression is a mental illness. You can't die from the sadness, but you can get thoughts that can cause you to want to kill your self. So yes you can die if you kill yourself, but you cannot die from the sadness because it is not a physical illness.

Why do people become depressed?

People become depressed because of mental and/or emotional pressure. Many times life just becomes to hard with all the complications and hardships. People feel alone and sometimes ashamed because of what causes their depression, which stops them from asking for help. Yet, many do not realize that it will not get better without help.

What is a mental disability and how does it affect a person's everyday life?

A mental disability is something that impacts a person's mental abilities, such as their ability to learn certain things. There are many different mental disabilities and degrees of these disabilities. If a person has an extreme disability they may not be able to do anything for themselves and will have to rely on others to do things for them.

What has the author Thea M Kellogg written?

Thea M. Kellogg has written: 'Visions of sunsets' -- subject(s): Biography, Christian life, Depressed persons, Depression, Mental, Mental Depression, Mental health

Is a suicidal person mentally ill?

They can be. Usually if someone is suicidal they are depressed, and Depression can be caused by a mental disorder