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You may have had a longer cycle and become pregnant a little later than you thought. There is only a week between these 2 dates so it is not enough to worry about. with my first pregnancy, my dates said I was due on September 23rd and my scan said October 4th. I knew I had intercourse on January second, so I guess it just took a while to implant. I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until February 3rd, which would be about right. Second time round my dates and scan were the same and I had a positive test on the day after my missed period. The only time it really matters is if you had sex with 2 men a week apart and need a best guess as to which is the father.

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Q: Is it more accurate if your doctor gave you a due date of February 18 and said you were 21 weeks pregnant but an ultrasound showed you were 20 weeks and had a due date of February 25?
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Am I pregnant if I have had two positive pregnant tests but could not see anything on the Ultrasound.?

The people reading the ultrasound will report their findings to your doctor and he can tell you what is going on.

How long after a woman is pregnant can she find out what gender baby she is having?

A woman can have an ultrasound to determine the baby's sex as early as 15 weeks. However, an ultrasound is not 100% accurate - the only way to be 100% accurate is to have an amniocentesis, which is a risky procedure that a doctor won't perform just to determine the baby's sex.

When is a ultrasound done?

Usually a doctor wants to see you for the first ultrasound when you're appr. 10-13 weeks pregnant.

How do you know if you are weeks pregnant?

You see a doctor for a ultrasound to see how far along you are.

Can a doctor say how much weeks pregnant a woman is?

Yes they can. They use ultrasound.

If you are pregnant can your doctor tell you how far along you are?

Yes. Through an ultrasound and information such as when your last period was, your doctor can tell you.

How can a woman tell for sure she is pregnant?

Blood test and ultrasound at the doctor. Then you can be absolutely sure.

What product can you buy to see if im pregnant at six months?

You go to the doctor and have a ultrasound.

How do you know if you had a chemical pregnancy?

Only a doctor can diagnose this with an ultrasound. The body will think you are pregnant but the ultrasound will show up an empty sac or nothing.

Will you have an ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant?

my doctor now uses an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy at the first visit instead of just a pregnancy test or bloodwork.

How do you know if you're pregnant after 12 weeks?

Go see a doctor and have a test done and a ultrasound.

You think you are about 6 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant you just did an ultrasound and the doctor did not see anything at all Is this considered normal or is there any hope?

If a licensed doctor told you you're not pregnant, you're probably not pregnant.

Can i be pregnant and a ultrasound not detect it?

yes, i had a doctor tell me that an ultrasound will not show a pregnancy until 5 weeks. that is not a fact but just what i was told. when i was pregnant the ultrasound lady had a hard time seeing my baby and i was 5 weeks, i had to go back the next week and she saw the baby perfect.

How soon can an x-ray show if you are pregnant?

Do NOT get an Xray if you think you are pregnant... it can harm the baby and can cause miscarriage... You must see your doctor for an ultrasound...

If you went to the doctor and they did an early ultrasound and said you were 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant could you have an early ultrasound at 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant?

There would be no gestational sac visible @ 3 weeks. YES At 5 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound, you conceived 3 weeks 3 days earlier.

How can you tell how far pregnant you are if you do not know the exact day of your last normal period?

That would be a good question for your doctor. The doctor might suggest an ultrasound. From the ultrasound picture, the technician can estimate how old the fetus is and predict your due date.

How can you really know if your pregnant or not?

The only way to know for absolutely certain is to have an Ultrasound and examination by an ObGyn. However, standard Pregnancy tests available in most pharmacies and grocery stores are generally very accurate, along with the tests given by a doctor.

Is it normal to be five months' pregnant and still test negative?

Call your doctor and discuss this with him/her. Be sure to have an ultrasound done if you can.

How do I know when I got pregnant?

The doctor or midwife will go by the date you started your last period, or by the size of the embryo at the first ultrasound.

Who uses an ultrasound?

It has countless uses in medicine, but is most commonly used by the doctor to "see" a developing fetus in a pregnant woman.

How do you know that im pregnant?

You can only be certain that you are pregnant by performing a pregnancy test and having a ultrasound to detect the fetus. If you suspect you're pregnant, please perform a pregnancy test or see your Doctor.

How many pregnancy tests should you take to confirm you are pregnant?

Going to the doctor to see if you are pregnant is the best way, because a few medications can give a false positive and pregnancy tests are not 100% reliable, but an ultrasound (which you can see your doctor about) is the best way to tell if you are pregnant.

How can you tell if you're 2 months pregnant or 1 month pregnant?

When you doctor does an ultrasound he will measure the baby's size and be able to determine what you due date is. This is the only way to know for sure.

My home and doctor detected that im pregnant but the ultrasound did not Are you really pregnant?

Yes pregnancy hormones rise befor the sono can see anything. It can be hard to see a baby the size of a pea.

Are you pregnant if you took 3 pregnancy tests and got different results and an ultrasound showed that you were not pregnant but your stomach is getting bigger?

If you have a test that shows a positive pregnancy result then YES you ARE pregnant. Forget the negatives. A positive is a positive. A ultrasound can not detect a baby till you are 6 plus weeks into your pregnancy. Actually you can see an embryo earlier than 6 weeks. You should go back to the doctor and get another ultrasound. This could be a molar pregnancy. See a doctor, they will be able to give you a blood test and tell for sure.