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Friendships between man and woman, are one of the best, and I have a few male friends myself that I still have over for dinner. The thing none of us come to realize right away is that a deep friendship and love are basically similar and that's what makes for a good marriage. Women have the worst problem of all ... they want that wild, lustful romantic edge in their relationships, yet right before their eyes there is often someone that loves them more than most guys she goes out with. It's wise not to say "I love you" right off the bat to her, but say something like, "We've been good friends for a long while. What do you think if we try going on a real date as a normal couple?" They are either going to say something like "why ruin a good thing" or "that's a good idea. What made you think of it?" Play it slow and easy and don't let on you are truly in love with her, but are experimenting. This way you keep your dignity in tact as well as not losing a good friend.

If you and your friend should be having sexual relations, then this is not friendship at all, but getting the fringe benefits of a loving relationship. Friends just share their thoughts and dreams for the future.

Good luck Marcy

Its hard question, and one that I've had to decide a few times. Usually, if I'm in doubt, I choose to stay friends. My female friends have been there with me for years, and probably will be for many years to come. On the occasions when I've switched to dating, we've had a good time for a few months, then broke up, and then its over and they are usually out of my life at that point. The only situation I would ever risk losing a friendship for a romantic relationship is if I knew her really well and thought that there was a very significant chance she could be the love of my life. And even then I would be hesitant.

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Q: Is it more important to a man to keep a friendship with a woman or have a romantic relationship with her?
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What is the romantic theatre play where it begins at the beginning of the relationship with the man and the end of the relationship with the woman?

The Last Five Years

What a girl needs from a boy in relationship?

a girl just needs a friend who can be a boy in a friendship, but woman needs a man in relationship

Who are the two super heroes wonder woman had a crush on?

She had a romantic relationship with Superman and on the cartoons a tiny crush on Batman

Is a man legally married and has lived with another woman for over a year concsidered a bigamist?

no he is not if the relationship with the other woman in question is only platonic and not romantic in any way

What should you do if you're a straight woman who likes a gay man although sometimes he appears to be bisexual?

* You said 'like' which could mean friendship or you are interested in him for a possible romantic relationship. Since you know he is gay or at least bisexual and assuming you are straight, then the relationship would probably not work out. One also has to be extremely careful of sexually transmitted diseases. If you are sure he is gay or bisexual it's best to keep a good friendship going and don't get romantically involved.

The man should be older than the woman in romantic relationship?

He doesn't have to be. Age doesn't matter as long as the age gape isn't huge.

When a woman just wants to be friends 'for now' does that mean she isn't interested in you?

It means that at present she wants to maintan a friendship which is an important relationship. It means that she has set limits on the relationship. However, for now opens the possibility for a possible deeper relationship. Fiendships are a way for people to get to know each other more freely without expectations.

How can you tell if an unhappily married woman wants to have a romantic relationship with you?

She'll look at you with a sexy look and she'll proberly whisper something like 'I want you!'

How can you have healthy relationships with the opposite sex?

Healthy RelationshipI think the best way to have a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex is by having a solid friendship with the person. If you constantly try to improve the friendship you have with the person then you will always have a good thing no matter whether any romantic feeling come or fade. Once you have a good solid friendship you should always ask yourself "What can I honestly do to preserve the friendship I have?"Sometimes the best thing for the friendship isn't always what you desire. Sometimes this means giving up the romantic aspects in the relationship. Even if you have to do that you should be able to keep the person you love and respect in your life as an asset.In addition, there has to be mutual respect, which would certainly be present if you start out with friendship first. Without mutual respect, the relationship will be miserable, especially if the man has no respect for the woman.I would also add to be true to yourself. That doesn't mean to be selfish. It means that if your heart is telling you to do something or to act a certain way, don't allow the other person to stop you. If the other person doesn't like it, let them find someone else and you find someone who will care enough about you that they will understand and support you in doing those things that are important to you.There's more, but those are probably the most important. ~Deb~___________________________________________________I very much so agree with the respect aspect as well. (Thank you Deb) Respect means so much in preserving the relationship and keeping it healthy for a long time.I think I'll add good communication as well. This one speaks for itself.~Julie~

Can a husband have a friendly friendship with a woman long distance texting and doesnt say nothing to wife is that cheating?

A husband can have a friendly relationship with a woman long distance by texting. It depends on what type or relationship he has with his wife on whether it's considered cheating. If he has nothing to hide, there is no reason to keep it from her.

Why would a guy say have my kids?

When a man says he wants a woman to have his kids, this can either be a romantic gesture by a loving man in a relationship with the woman he loves or a somewhat tasteless pick up line. If a woman isn't sure which, chances are, it is the second option.

You have an affair with a married woman?

i had a romantic love with a married woman in my church.but no affair.

What is does it mean when a guy tells you that you are an amazing woman and I wish you the best?

He no longer wishes to be in a romantic relationship with you, or he doesn't want to start one, but he doesn't want you to think he's an a**hole.

When was the film pretty woman released?

The romantic comedy Pretty Woman was released in 1990.

Does a married man love another woman?

A married person can love another woman or man. Marriage and love are not mutually exclusive. Answer 2: it all depends on whether that love is a friendship or romantic love we are talking about. Do you know the difference? . Do you have the same love for the person as your husband? Friends will respect friendship boundaries. If a married man becomes too familiar, flirty and sexually suggestive with this other woman then you have adultery in the making. Be careful, its been known to happen.

Is communicating with another woman cheating?

ANSWER: It depends on what type of friendship they have. As long as he knows that his wife know this other woman, that will be fine. But if this married man never mention to his wife about his friendship towards the other woman, that will be a no no

What do guys normally want from a woman?

There is no answer to that. No guy "normally" wants anything. Some want sex, some want a relationship, some want friendship, some want nothing.

Would a woman ask a man to break contact with her because she knows she may be tempted to have a relationship with him?

Yes. i have done it as a woman. Sometimes it's hard to mix friendship and love, especially if the love the woman feels is not mutually shared. So yes, if the woman fears that she is tempted ot have a relationship with a man, she will try to break contact with him to save herself the heartache that come with being friends, while she has feelings.

What are some sensuous words that describe a woman and begin with the letter R?

A woman could be ravishing. A woman could be romantic.

Does a woman enjoy a larger penis?

Some do, some don't. If the relationship works, then the size of the tool isn't that important.

Was Picasso a romanticist?

he was very romantic but had childeren with different woman.

How do you get a woman out of a bad relationship?

how do you get a woman out fo a bad relationship ? you don't when a woman get's upset sick and tired that's when she will wake up and relieve herself from her bad relationship.

Can a catholic pastor and a woman have a good friendship together?

Yes, they can.

Is romantic love true love?

Romantic love does not always mean that the love is true. Some men will try to be romantic to simply get a woman in bed. Of course there are those men in the world that are romantic and there love is true.

Who is ms glendale del rosario?

she is the woman who make's me realized that love is the romantic version of friendship! i love her.. more than everyone know... i hope that one day she learn to love me... i can't stop loving her... -michael angelo urriquia