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you have to separate engine and transmission

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Q: Is it necessary to break down the engine to replace the rear main seal on the Toyota 5EFE 1.5 liter engine?
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How do you replace brakes and rotors on 2001 Toyota 4Runner?

how to replace break pads on 2001 4runner

How do you change rear brake pads on 2002 Toyota Corolla?

How do you replace the front break pads on a Toyota corolla .

When is it necessary to replace a timing belt on 1996 Honda Accord with 65000 miles?

80,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. Also replace the water pump at the same time. This is an interference engine. Severe engine damage will occur, if the belt breaks. And it will break without warning.

Why would the breaks lights stay on with the engine off a 92 Toyota Paseo?

replace the break light switch located under the dash on the brake pedal arm. It has a clip on the side the pulls out and then a pin that comes out.

How do you replace rear brakes on a 1993 Toyota 4runner I am unable to get the drums off?

Hit it with a hammer to break it loose

Engine diagram for 1991 Toyota Corolla?

I would like to see Corolla 2000 engine diagrammatically, possibly in different angels; break-downs.

Does 2004 Mitsubishi lancer have an interference or noninterference engine?

interference engine--don't let the timing belt break, or you will incur serious engine damage! also, better replace the water pump at the same time you replace the timing belt.

If the timing belts on a 2001 tacoma break will it damage the engine?

Depends on the engine you are asking about. The 3.4 V6 is (NOT) an interference engine but the 4 cylinder is not and in fact does not use a cam belt but instead uses a chain. If the belt breaks on the V6 it will NOT damage the engine. Replace it every 90,000 miles and you have nothing to worry about. (edited by billtech66, a 67 year old master tech, and the 3.4L Toyota is NOT an interference engine.)

I need a Diagram of rear brakes 1994 Toyota Corolla?


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Does a 2002 Toyota Tacoma V6 engine have a cam timing belt?

timing belt, if it needs it change it because these engines eat them selves if they break.

How much does it cost to replace a rear main seal in a GMC Yukon XL?

Oh, a lot; 4 figures. You have to completely break the engine down to replace a rear main seal.

Does 2006 Toyota Tundra have timing belt or chain?

The 06 tundra has a timing belt. Toyota says to replace it and the water pump at 90,000 miles. I waited til 110,000 miles and changed it and it wasn't worn out. But if it does break it can cost you a motor.

How do you Break in front disc brakes?

It is not necessary to break in brakes.

How do you replace the lower timing belt pulley bearing on a Ferrari 308 GTS?

Put the car on a lift, drop the motor/transaxle out of the car on an engine stand and break down the engine. You will need to separate the engine from the transaxle at this point.

Does a ceiling fan break in?

It should not be necessary to 'break in' a ceiling fan.

Is there a recall for a Toyota 4Runner transmission?

There is no recall for the Toyota 4runner transmission. Some Toyota's have had break problems that may have started the recall rumors on some Toyota products but, there is no recall for the Toyota 4runner transmission.

How can you tell the timing bell go bad on 1996 Honda accord?

No, you cannot tell if it is about to break or not. You just replace it every 90,000 miles. You also need to replace the balance shaft belt at the same time. Your engine is an interference engine. As such if the belt breaks, serious engine damage will occur. Do not neglect this repair.

Replacing break disks Toyota avensis?


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Engine crankshafts usually break when there is too much pressure on them. Some have flaws and may break under normal use.

Is the 4e fe Toyota engine an interference engine?

an interference engine means when the timing belt snaps it bends valves etc etc a non interference engine when the timing belt breaks u simply replace it to the best of my knowledge the 4e-fe engine is non interference as i had one break before and simply replaced it i hope my answer is of some use to you cheers..........jono ireland:) what do you mean by an interference engine and why would you want to know, it wont change the engine, which is bullet proof except for oil burning, which left unchecked results in big end failure....peter

How much should it cost to replace break lines in a toyota camry 1995?

$40-60 per line depending on line + at least 1 hour of labor at least + brake fluid.

How do you break into a Toyota matrix?

Use a big hammer and break any side window.'re in!