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Is it necessary to have supplemental insurance for Medicare if you can't afford it?

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More than likely you can not afford not to have it! Check it out closely with a reputable agent! 4lifeguild

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Does Medicaid pay for tooth extraction?

Yes medicare and medicaid pay for tooth extractions but medicare does not cover anesthesia so Lots of painful needles NEITHER cover real dental care that's a supplemental insurance you have the option to buy even if you can't afford it.

What Is Supplemental Insurance and Do You Need It?

You may have heard of supplemental insurance but not felt clear about what it is, or whether you need it. You may have heard the term "Medicare supplement" and thought that supplemental insurance is only for Medicare recipients. Or you may have questions about exactly how supplemental insurance fits into your financial and healthcare needs. Supplemental insurance is exactly what it sounds like: Insurance that pays over and above what your primary insurance policy covers. It is not intended to replace the insurance you have now. Rather, it is intended to provide coverage for expenses not included in your existing insurance plan. You can think of supplemental insurance as picking up the tab for the expenses that you would normally pay out of pocket. These policies might pay your deductible, for instance. You may also buy supplemental insurance to cover hospitalization or intensive care costs that your insurance does not cover. Cancer policies are a popular form of supplemental insurance, as are accident and accidental death policies. These policies cover the additional hospitalization and doctor expenses over the spending cap of many traditional policies. In deciding whether you need supplemental insurance, consider the coverage you already have, as well as your financial circumstances. If your policy has limitations, as most do, you may want to consider speaking with an agent about the supplemental insurance coverage available to you. Most of us cannot afford to become catastrophically ill or suffer a life-threatening or fatal accident. While our insurance policies cover most of our normal medical needs, chances are they would not cover all of a major illness or injury. If you don't know what your current insurance covers, find out, and consider how you would handle an injury or illness that "maxed out" your insurance. If you have any doubt about your ability to financially weather a medical disaster, you probably do need supplemental insurance. Supplemental insurance may be likened to wearing a belt and suspenders. Most of the time your current coverage will meet all of your needs, but when it does not, supplemental insurance will make things easier for you.

Would like to cancel part b of your medicare?

yes I would like to cancel medicare part b. I can't afford it at this time and I do have another insurance.

Is it necessary to have personal insurance?

No insurance is necessary, but personal insurance can be a good idea for your peace of mind, and that of your family. If you can afford it, protecting your income and your life is a sound investment that will almost always be worth it in the long run.

How much would a mobility scooter cost if I have medicare insurance?

Medicare insurance helps you afford for you mobility scooter. The cost of which depends on the style and the capacity of the scooter that you choose. There are very good brands that make these kind of scooters. They cost from $300 to $500 and you insurance could cover up to 80% of the cost.

What are my health insurance options in Mississippi?

Mississipi like other states offers many of the standard health insurance options such as; individual, and family plans; Medicare supplemental plans; short term, and student coverage. One option that Mississippi has, that not all other states have is an insurance risk pool. This plan is designed to help those who can afford health insurance, but may not be able to purchase the regular health coverage, because of pre-existing health conditions.

Is their a supplement dental insurance in the state of wash?

I always recommend Agile Health Insurance never did me wrong and its pretty cheap right now

Is RAC breakdown cover worth it?

Preemptively buying insurance for your car is required in most states, whether you choose to buy supplemental insurance is really dependent upon the rates and monetary situation of the individual. If it is possible to buy your overall insurance and include collision and or other break down packages, that would more than likely be cheaper. However, some outside supplemental insurance companies offer more than just breakdown coverage, such as triple A. Again, if it is possible to have break down coverage included in your original insurance package, that would be best, however, if you need supplemental insurance, and can afford it, better to be safe than sorry.

What happens if you cannot afford auto insurance?

Most states require insurance. You should think of auto insurance as part of the cost of owning a car... if you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the car and shouldn't have one.

What is the most important kind of insurance?

Health Insurance, if you can afford it.

The federal government provides medical assistance to retired citizens through the medicare program-?

Medicare is designed to help retired citizens afford healthcare.

Are crowns necessary?

Only if you can afford it.

What is the Democratic health care plan?

The Democratic health care plan can be summarized as: If you get sick, we'll help you get better. If you don't have insurance, we'll help you get insurance. If you can't afford insurance, we'll help you afford insurance.

Is mobile phone insurance necessary for my phone?

Mobile phone insurance isn't necessary on your cell phone, but if you can afford it, and have a modern smartphone, it's highly recommended. If your phone accidentally breaks, you're going to need to replace it, and a modern smartphone can easily cost upwards of $500 off contract.

How long can you stay in a hospital with Medicare?

It depends on how much you can afford to spend. Hospital coverage is part of Medicare Part A. The first 60 days are covered with a deductible of $1,132. Days 61-90 will cost $283 per day. Days 91-150 will cost $566 per day. And then you are responsible for all costs after that. If you have Medicare supplement insurance the majority of these costs would be covered.

I have Medicare part A & B. I have received bills from a specialist and my PCP. Do I owe them money when they have have accepted Medicare assignment?

not if you inform them you can't afford a medicare supplement @ this time. Send 2 registered letter's with a return receipt for proof

Is a life insurance calculator necessary when deciding your amount of needed coverage?

A good life insurance calculator can be very helpful to estimate how much coverage you need but it is not imperative. It will come down to what amount you feel comfortable with and how much you can afford.

What is the best supplement insurance for seniors?

The "best" supplement is the one that you can afford. Here's how the supplements work: Medigap, also called a Medicare Supplement, basically pays the portion of medical expenses that Medicare expects you to pay. Medicare is an "80/20" plan, meaning Medicare pays 80% of the bill and you pay 20% of the bill. Medigap can pay the 20% for you. Depending on which Medigap plan you choose, the plan can also pay the (2009) $1068.00 hositalization deductible for you and the $135.00 doctor's office deductible for you.Now, generally plans A-F are offered by insurance companies. The cost of the plans will vary from company to company BUT the overall coverage of the plan is the same as regulated by Medicare.

Is Medicare a contributory or noncontributory program?

Medicaid, would be a non-contributory program. That is because people can't afford it, just like food stamps. Medicare is a contributory program.

How many cars can you put on your insurance?

As many as you can afford.

Who can buy dental insurance?

Anyone that can afford it can buy it.

What kind of auto insurance must you have?

any and all insurance that you can afford you should probably buy. you can never tell what might happen. any and all insurance that you can afford you should probably buy. you can never tell what might happen.

How many cars can you have under geico insurance?

As many as you can afford.

What can I do when someone hit my car and has no insurance and I don't have insurance?

You are probably out of luck unless you can afford a civil lawsuit. However, to do that you would need a police report and you would face consequences for driving without insurance. You should park your car until you can also afford the insurance to drive legally.

What are the stats of people who don't have health insurance?

Most people throughout the world do not have and cannot afford health insurance