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Not normal. She will fill her account from your account. == Nothing about a narcissist behavior is normal. But yes, it is typical for N's to go through all your details, account #'s, etc but not even let you know where and if they have an account of their own. They want control over your finances but not let you know anything about theirs. It's easier to control you that way. If you get to close or let him to far into your personal affairs and finances he or she WILL empty your account into theirs. The N I know basically uses his estranged mentally ill rich wife for financial resources. He would then pick up his girlfriends check with her permission yet never let her see his accounts, etc. (which were co-owned by his wife of course) He once offered to go over MY accounts the help straighten things out. I declined because he was obsessive about keeping his wallet in a safe place and wouldn't let me touch it... and some other things. It was ridiculous. Let this be a warning: IF he wont let you touch his wallet or see his bank account that is a sign he has things to hide. She doesn't have to be a narcissist to do this, but just be controlling. You work hard, so keep an eye on your money and get your own account and if married have a Joint Account!

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Can you use Microsoft Excel for home finances?

Excel can be used for anything to do with numbers, so that would include home finances.

How do I use routing numbers to find out my bank finances?

Routing numbers are used to identify where exactly your account is held. Give the details to any bank teller and the teller can then find out at which branch of your bank the account is managed, and other important information so that you can conduct your business even when away from your home branch.

What is the mindless behavoir boys numbers?

What is the mindless behavior boys numbers

What do Numbers on bank checks mean?

routing numbers account numbers check numbers

On a check which numbers are the account numbers?

Look on your check and you will see that there are three groups of numbers. The first nine numbers are the numbers for the bank's code. The next ten numbers are your personal account numbers. The last four to six numbers are the number of your checks, that is the number printed on the top of your check.

What is the whole mindless behavior group numbers?


How many numbers are on master card?

Sixteen (16) account numbers.

For what are BSB Numbers used?

BSB Numbers are used in banks which protect your account identity. You should keep these numbers in a safe place as it is needed for banks to identify who you are and what account is yours.

Can two bank account numbers be same in India?

No. A Bank Account number is a unique entity and no two bank account numbers can be the same. Even if the two banks are totally different and are located in two totally remote corners of India, the account numbers they give to their customers will never be the same.

What percent of these numbers are even numbers from 1-50?

Even numbers account for 50% of the numbers from 1 to 50.

Do mindless behavior give out their numbers at the vip concert?


How many Numbers in nedbank account?


What is Weird Al's bank account number?

Wikianswers does not have bank account numbers for celebrities.

What job do not need math?

a hair cutter. people who work with animals. Musician Artist but if you are in charge of finances, then you always have to work with numbers.

How many numbers in an American bank account?

there r 10 digits in an aamerican bank account

What is mathematics and why is it helpful?

Mathematics is the study of numbers and how they can be used to calculate information For Example: Numbers in Money can be used to manage finances, create budgets, calculate taxes, and help manage important expenses

What is mindless behavior real indivisual cell phone numbers?


What is the boys on mindless behavior real phone numbers?

think it is 1433196060

What is Princeton's own phone number from mindless behavior?

Mindless behavior does not give their full private stuff like phone numbers

How many numbers in NAB bank account?


What do call a insect that is good with numbers?

An account-ant

How many numbers in a fedEx freight account?


Which would not be good password for your email account?


Corporation bank account number 16 digits?

A corporate bank account number of digits is dependent upon the assignment from each individual bank. Some banks issue 16 digit account numbers and others issue account numbers with less digits.

How many numbers does an account number of south Indian bank have?

A South Indian Bank account has 16 digits in an individual account number

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