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Q: Is it normal for a 10 year old to bleed just a little for the first menustration and then no more?
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Little bleed afer first intercorse?


How about the other girls connot getting bleed for the first time sex. this a nornal or no?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. Both is normal.

Is it normal to bleed during the first trimester?

A little bit of spotting is normal, however if it is very heavy or very painful then you should go to hospital ASAP

Is it normal to bleed while you are pregnant in first first month?

It is normal to spot lightly-medium bleeding. If you are bleeding very heavily go to the doctor, this isn't normal for most to costantly bleed

How long is it normal to bleed after losing your virginity?

It's not normal to bleed at all, the idea that you should bleed the first time is a myth.It is possible to bleed any time you have sex if it is rough or forced, but there's nothing about the first time specifically that would mean that you would have to bleed at all.

Is it normal for a girl to bleed her first time?

if a girl doesn't bleed her first time that idicates that she didn't loose her virginity .

Is it normal to bleed after being fingered if it is not your first time?

No it's not normal.. The only way you can bleed is if the person has nails or if he/she went into a sex hole.

Is it common in first pregnancy to bleed?

yes, it is very normal to bleed during the first 3 months of pregnancy. don't worry.

Is it normal to bleed heavily after the first time of sex?


Is it normal to bleed heavily on the first day of your period?


Will a virgin girl bleed?

On most girls, they do bleed a little bit when it's their first time.

What does it mean if you dont bleed your first time?

That you're completely normal. Not all bleed the first time even if they still have the hymen intact.

Is it normal to bleed for a long time when first going on the pill?

Four or five days is normal.

Why does your brake pedal depress with little resistance the first time but the second time it feels normal you replaced pads and rotors on the back then bleed them?

It sounds like you still have a little air in the brake lines. You probably need to bleed them again. Or you have the pads installed improperly.

Is it normal to lightly bleed and cramp during the first trimester?


Is it normal to only bleed for a day when you first get your period? you usually bleed a lot more the first day and then as the days go by it gets less

Reasons why most woman didn't bleed on their first time?

About 30% of women break their hymen during activity and do not bleed with their first's normal

My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

After losing virginty is it normal to bleed?

Yes, for a woman, bleeding is normal after the first time she has sex. However, not every woman bleeds when she loses her virginity, but many do. After that, it would only be normal to bleed if there is an injury or menstruation.

What happens with your menstrual cycle after first time?

It's the same, all though you might bleed a little heavier because of sex, but no worries. It's completely normal. :)

Is it normal to bleed during sex?

on the first time hope u had fun

If you don't bleed on your first time of intercorse what does that mean?

That means you're normal.

Is it normal to only bleed the first week after birth and not to bleed anymore it has been six weeks?

bleeding after birthif you are brest feeding you wont bleed at all until after you stop.

How much do you bleed your first time?

you just bleed a little spot on the tollet paper and the once you've had it for a couple of monthes it get heavierit is normal for some bleeding to occur after your first time of having vaginal intercourse. this is due to the braking of the hymen within the vagina but there should not be a lot of blood.

Is bleeding while intercource normal?

For a woman, it's normal to bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is when the hymen breaks. Apart from that, she should normally not bleed every time she has sexual intercourse.