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Some males are late bloomers and their voice may take a couple more years to change.

2006-07-25 19:49:32
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Should you get a voice change?

During puberty it is normal for the male voice to deepen, about one octave. Adult pitch is "usually" reached at about age 15, but not for all males. The deepening of the voice is cause by the growth of the larynx (voice box).

Is it normal for a 15-year-old male's voice not to have changed yet?

Yeah Justin Bieber's voice didn't change yet

What is normal voice?

The voice you were born with - each of us has his/her "normal voice".

Did Michael Jackson have his voice changed?

No, he never had his voice changed.

Is it normal for an 18-year-old boy's voice to not have changed yet?


Is it normal for a 13 year old males voice not to have changed but already has pubes a mustache chest hair and under arm hair?

Yeah!!! Total normal Im 16 and had everything change =D but i have alittle bro 13 and is the same dont worry bud in about a year and half or 2 you'll be set.

Why does a males voice change during puberty?

it changes so that you get your adult male voice.

Has the voice actor of every Sonic character changed?

All of them have changed except Eggman's voice actor.

Has Justin Bieber's voice change?

he's voice changed when started singing the really high notes or his voice changed like every boys voice changes when they get older.

How rare is bass voice?

Not very! Once a males voice has broken it is depends how low their voice is. Probably 50/50?

Does everyboadys voice break?

Only males, not females.

What is falsetto voice?

a hella high voice that isn't used with your normal voice

What secondary sex characteristic does testosterone produce in males?

Testosterone produces a deep voice and facial hair in males.

Highest male singing voice?

tenor for a normal voice falsetto for a contrived voice

Did Justin bieber change his voice?

Yes, his voice finally changed recently.

Why does males voice get lower then females?

Males have adam's apples that turn when they go throuh puberty. Females, on the other hand, do not.

Deep voice and the muscular body characteristic in males are a product of what?


Can you passive voice in compound sentence?

YesAny sentence containing a transitive verb may be changed into Passive Voice. However, Perfect Continuous Tenses are not, generally, changed into passive Voice.

Can a Kindle be used as a talking book?

Yes, a kindle has a option to read you the book in either a males voice or a females voice

Did Justin Bieber get his voice changed?

he better have not

Did Michael Jackson have a moderate low voice?

His normal speaking voice was average.

How can you learn how to sing similar to your awesome cousin?

Exercise your voice. Start from your normal voice, then gradually go down to your deepest voice. Then back up to your normal voice. Then start to make your voice high. Do this at least 3 times every so often and your voice will sound perfect.

Does a pregnant woman's voice change?

Im currently 7 months pregnant and since about my 4th or 5th month my voice has changed a lot. It's kind of annoying. I sound like I have a cold. When I try to speak out I always have to clear my troat first, and it is kinda low toned compared to what i sounded like before. I cant wait for my voice to get back to normal. I hope it will come back to normal!

Does the voice change with diabetes?

i have a good friend who has had diabetes for many years and its never changed his voice.

Why Do Males Have Deeper Voices Than Women?

hormones during puberty cause a males voice to change, but these hormones are less active in women.