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My first one wasn't heavy, but everyone is different, she should go to the doctors because 10 days is a long time to be bleeding and she might be losing to much blood. Also if you (or she) is bleeding through a pad in an hour you need to go to the doctors right away.

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What do you do when your blood is black?

If you have black blood from your period that is normal if it comes out when your not on your period than go to your doctor and get checked.

What is the black stuff at the start of our period?

This is normal and can be seen at any time in the cycle.

Is it normal for my second period ever to have stringy black things in it?

It is normal for menstrual flow to contain the stringy black things you have described. They are probably small blood clots.

Is it normal for your period to be almost black?

Yes its perfectly normal. Its basically rotten blood, that's why your body gets rid of it!

Is it normal to have black period blood?

It is not necessarily abnormal, but should be discussed with your doctor anyway.

Is it normal to have black in vagina?

Absolutely not! Get it checked by a doctor! but if that's on your period i think it's normal i mean I'm only 12 i got my period two weeks ago so i guess i wouldn't know really but if you get an answer tell me

If you haven't had a period in a while and recently had one is it normal for the blood to be dark red almost black?

you have to go check you self at the hospital cuz my mom had that and she had to have her uterus taken out because she had cancer. answer no its normal its period blood i have it

Is something wrong with you if your period is red and brownish black?

Not at all. Bleeding red and or brownish black while on your period is perfectly normal because when its red its just blood obviously but if its brownish black its just discharge usually occurs near the end of your period but it happens in between that's nothing to worry about :)

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What does brownish black blood mean as the first day of your period?

Brownish black blood on first day of your period is normal. This means that it is blood that may have stayed for a while in the urine folds or blood that was there for a while waiting to be released.

If you start having intercourse but then you start getting your period every two weeks is that normal then you get a black discharge is that normal too?

No a "black discharge" is not normal. Using BCP or MAP can cause irregular bleeding and break thru bleeding in the first three months of using OCP.

What is the black stuff coming out of your vagina?

i figure the black stuff thats coming out the vagina is strang should get check by a doctor asap cause you dont know what it is if is before your period go find out what it is... if its during your period its normal but still get check!

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Why do you have black blood instead of red during your period?

jK its normal... its just old blood coming out instead of new blood

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Why would your period be black and stringy?

These are just normal variations of heavy flow. But if you are sexually active, a pregnancy test will be positive for 2 weeks if it was a miscarriage.

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What does it mean when your period is bright red?

That is what a normal period looks like. It's the fresh blood after the uterus wall is removed. The blood can also be rust colored when it starts to dry up and almost black in the beginning when it's old.