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Most dimmer switches are nothing more than a large in-line variable resistor. Turning the switch down only increases the resistance on the line and there by reduces the volage to the load, which in this case is the light. If the RESISTOR is turned down all the way, even though the light may appear to be completely off, there may still be a small amount of voltage at the load (light) resulting in a resistor that is turning whatever is left into heat. If this is the type of dimmer, check the switch to see if there is an "off" position that completely cuts the circuit. The other type of dimmer switch is far more complex and is used for motors, florescent ligting and other equipment that will not function on reduced voltage. These types of dimmers use a concept called "pulse width modultion" to supply full voltage to a device but the voltage is sent in pulses that correspond to the amount of current used to provide the necessary intensity of the load. If it's a florescent light, the pulse width would be adjusted to provide the light that you want. If it's a motor, the pulse width would control the speed of the motor. These types of dimmers may use a small current to continue operation of the switch even though nothing is really on. In my opinion, this type of dimmer is not designed well, but then, I didn't have to build it. So in general, the answer is "No, a dimmer switch shouldn't be warm if it has been off for a long time." After the switch has been turned off it should cool to room temp after a while.

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Q: Is it normal for a dimmer light switch to be slightly warm even when turned off?
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Where do you set the switch for the 1991 Plymouth voyager's interior lights so the dimmer works to shut them out?

On many cars, there is a dimmer switch which controls the instrument panel lights. If this switch is turned all the way, it may cause the overhead light to come on. The overhead light will then stay on even after doors have all been closed. Find the dimmer switch, close the doors, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the dimmer switch.

Possible reasons why dome lights wont go off after the car is parked and doors are shut?

The door switch can be corroded or defective. Can also be a Short in the wiring to the switch. Also on some vehicles, you can turn on the dome light with the dimmer for the instrument lights. This dimmer, if turned all the way to one side will bypass the door switch and the dome light will stay on all the time.The door switch can be corroded or defective. Can also be a Short in the wiring to the switch. Also on some vehicles, you can turn on the dome light with the dimmer for the instrument lights. This dimmer, if turned all the way to one side will bypass the door switch and the dome light will stay on all the time.

What causes the dashboard lights and radio light to turn off when the headlights are on in 2004 Sienna?

Probably because the dimmer switch is turned off. Turn the dimmer switch up and see if the dashlights and radio illumination lamps come on.

Is it normal for a dimmer light switch to be warm?

If it is dimming the light, yes. A dimmer switch is nothing but a potentiometer, better explained as a variable resistor. It will lower the voltage going to the light bulb, but the excess energy must go someplace, and is released as heat. The lower the brightness, the warmer it will get (until it is turned all the way off). There are newer dimmer switches that work in different manners, but I don't believe that is what you are referring to.

If a dimmer switch is turned to a low position but not off is it still on?

Yes it is still on and using as much power as if it was on full

Why do both head lights go out when the bright are turned on?

Could be bad bulbs (double filamented) or bad dimmer switch

Why aren't the dash lights working in the Chevy trail blazer?

Be sure the dash illumination dimmer switch is not turned off.

Why would dashboard lights go out when bulbs and fuses are good?

The dash light dimmer switch is turned off or broken.

How do you turn the dome lights the lights underneath the dash when they don't go off after getting out of the car?

check your headlight switch or dash dimmer switch to be sure you do not have them turned on.

Why do I not have running or dash lights on my 2002 Durango.?

If I understand you correctly, the dimmer dial near the headlight switch is turned down; simply turn the dimmer dial until it clicks and the lights should turn on.

What would cause the interior lights to stay on despite the door being closed the car door open and the keys removed on a Pontiac Grand Prix GT '97?

check your interer dimmer switch is it in the on position? dimmer switch is not turned on ... the lights stay on while the car is in use as well as when the car is turned off. they stay on exactally as long as the radio does if the car is turned off and you sit inside

Why do 1996 Chevy lumina instrument panel lights and radio stock display go out when headlights go on?

The instruments light dim for night driving when the headlights are turned on. Check to insure that your dash dimmer switch is on high. If it is, then you have a problem with either the dimmer switch or the wiring.

Why dont the Headlights on 76 corvette come up when turned on with engine running shut of engine and they raise then lower Help?

I am not an expert,but i had similar problem on wifes nova. it turned out to be the dimmer switch,I would check it to make sure you are getting power in and out of it(with a test light)a dimmer switch is not that exspensive. it should be located on the steering column if you dim your lights from the turn signal switch. Hope this will help you out.

Lights wont come on in the DASH?

First check the dash light dimmer control switch to be sure it is not turned off then check the fuse.

Why would the dimmer switch instrument panel light and taillights not be working on a Nissan 300ZX?

This happened on my car-it turned out to be a blown headlight fuse(15amp) and the hazzard switch on the left side instrument panel. Went to a junk yard and bought a new switch and replaced the blown fuse and ta-dah taillights I also replaced the dimmer switch also.

Where is the cargo switch 1995 Ford Ranger?

I believe the light for the cargo area is turned on with the interior courtesy lights by rotating your gauge lighting dimmer wheel switch all the way UP ( The switch is located just to the right of the headlight switch )

All three legs of my dimmer are hot?

If the hot is connected to the supply and it is turned on and the switch is turned on and the neutral not connected this could be quite true. Connect the neutral to the supply neutral and shut the switch off. Now the only reading that you should get is the hot supply.

Why did all of the dash lights not just the cluster lights go out on your 1984 Buick Park Avenue. All fuses have been checked and the dimmer switch is set to bright?

You turned off the dash light brightness control switch or blew a fuse. If you have power at the dash illumination fuse, the dimmer switch may be faulty.

What would make dash lights not work 95 s10 blazer?

The dash light dimmer switch is turned off or bad or the fuse is blown

How do you fix dash lights in2003 Chevy Prizm?

Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off. Check the fuses.

Why would the dashboard lights on a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS not be working?

The dash light dimmer switch is either turned off or is defective. jd

Why will the dash board lights not come on in your 2003 s10 the fuse is good?

The dash board light dimmer control switch may be turned off or broken.

98 chevy s 10 cluster lights not working?

Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off and the fuse is okay and the bulbs are good.

Would a faulty dimmer combo switch cause the headlights to stay on without the vehicle running and the switch turned in the off position on a 1998 Olds Intrigue?

yes it will also cause them to blink off & on and

Can anyone tell me why my 1996 Jetta has no dash or other instrument lights when the headlights are on?

unless your dimmer is turned down..... blown fuse or bad headlight switch. that's about it..