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Yes it is normal to bleed after a female virgin has sex because usually the hymen is ripped with the introduction of the penis You're not a virgin after the sex. And yes it is normal. I've seen this question alot on this site. Did anyone out there ever take "Family Life" (aka Sex Ed)?

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โˆ™ 2005-06-09 18:16:11
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Q: Is it normal for a female virgin to bleed after sex?
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You bled after one day of virgin sex?

this is completely normal for a female.

Does a virgin always bleed?

well i had sex with my boyfriend one week ago ...i was virging and i didn't bleed ... so i think it's normal

Can a virgin bleed after her period you during sex?


My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

Does a virgin girl bleed during or after sex?


When a virgin has sex for the first time does she always bleed?

Not always.

Will a virgin bleed after sex?

its does happen isn't likely that it will but its poosible

What does it mean when you bleed hours after sex if you were a virgin?

Usually a female bleeds after initial sexual intercourse because the hymen has been damaged or broken.

Is it normal to bleed when you pee after sex for a couple days?

it is totally normal for you to bleed after peeing after sex, you obviouslly do it too much or he has just hit a certain spot and it makes you bleed, totally normal.

If you have been electricuted at a child and your vagina started to bleed does that mean your not a virgin?

Being a virgin means that you have not had sex. Vaginal bleeding is not sex.

What does it mean if the woman bleeds from sex and she isn't on her period or a virgin?

he poped your cherry it means you ahd hard sex and he hit a spot inside you that caused you to bleed its normal not bad

Whats if a virgin does not bleed after sex?

it is a good thing ,why? do you want her to bleed? she shouln't even start bleeding!

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