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Yes it is normal to bleed after a female virgin has sex because usually the hymen is ripped with the introduction of the penis You're not a virgin after the sex. And yes it is normal. I've seen this question alot on this site. Did anyone out there ever take "Family Life" (aka Sex Ed)?

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Is it normal to bleed after sex and am not a virgin and pluse am on the pill?

Well if you've had sex, you're not a virgin. If you bleed after sex, he's probably doing it too hard.

You bled after one day of virgin sex?

this is completely normal for a female.

Does a virgin always bleed?

well i had sex with my boyfriend one week ago ...i was virging and i didn't bleed ... so i think it's normal

Can a virgin bleed after her period you during sex?


My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

Does a virgin girl bleed during or after sex?


When a virgin has sex for the first time does she always bleed?

Not always.

Will a virgin bleed after sex?

its does happen isn't likely that it will but its poosible

What does it mean when you bleed hours after sex if you were a virgin?

Usually a female bleeds after initial sexual intercourse because the hymen has been damaged or broken.

Is it normal to bleed when you pee after sex for a couple days?

it is totally normal for you to bleed after peeing after sex, you obviouslly do it too much or he has just hit a certain spot and it makes you bleed, totally normal.

Is true that a virgin vagina is very much more tight than a non virgin vagina's sex with virgin vagina is more pleasurable than non virgin vagina?

Yes, a virgin female who has not had intercourse or used a sextoy would be more "Tight" than a female who has had sex and streched it. The pleasure is in the feel of the beholder, It can be painful depending on the size of your penis too. ALWAYS make sure the female concents to sexual intercourse and STOP if she wants to stop it can be extreamly painful for her first time and may even bleed which is normal too.

What does it mean if the woman bleeds from sex and she isn't on her period or a virgin?

he poped your cherry it means you ahd hard sex and he hit a spot inside you that caused you to bleed its normal not bad

If you have been electricuted at a child and your vagina started to bleed does that mean your not a virgin?

Being a virgin means that you have not had sex. Vaginal bleeding is not sex.

Whats if a virgin does not bleed after sex?

it is a good thing ,why? do you want her to bleed? she shouln't even start bleeding!

Why do virgins bleed after sex?

While I'm a virgin, But I was told that the skin tears because the guy has to open you up and that make skin tear and cause you to bleed... and yes it is normal, it's suppose to happen...

How about the other girls connot getting bleed for the first time sex. this a nornal or no?

It's normal to bleed and not to bleed. Both is normal.

Is it normal to bleed when being fingered but then not bleed when you had sex a month later?

No, bleeding is never normal - the idea that you should bleed when you have sex the first time is a myth, you should never experience bleeding when you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity. Chances are you bled when you were being fingered because your partner was rough so damaged vaginal tissues, it's normal for you not to bleed when you have sex.

Are you still a virgin if you did not bleed after sex?

no you are not a virgin because every woman is different and some bleed and some do not. there are women who bleed a lot and some not at all, i only bled a little I think what you are asking is: "if you don't bleed the first time you have sex does that mean you weren't actually a virgin?" Not everyone bleeds the first time they have sex, it depends on whether the hymen gets torn or just stretched. I didn't bleed the first time. ANSWER no. once the penis goes into the vagina, and there is penatration, you have lost your virginity.

Why female dog bleed after the heat?

they have had sex with another dog.

What is the normal complement of sex chromosomes in a female?

The normal monoploid (n) # of a female sex cell is 23 chromosomes

Do you bleed after sex or during?

Normaly you dond bleed at al as a result of sex unless you are a virgin and then some bleeding may occur during sex the first time as a result of the hymen being broken..

Is it normal to bleed heavily after the first time of sex?


Is it normal to bleed after sex when you are 8 months pregnant?


What does it mean when you bleed during sex?

That you were a virgin and it was your first time. Young girls allways bleed when losing their have no lifeThat's not always true because I haven't been a virgin for over a year and my boyfriend and I just had sex last night and I got some pain and bleed some.

Is it normal to bleed alot after sex when its not your first time?

Not exactly normal, but it can happen, particularly if the sex has been a bit rough.