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All babys are different and they all get different teeth at different times. Although I have never heard of a baby getting a molar for there first tooth I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes random teeth come out of the gums and later go back in. Is your 4 month olds tooth all the way out or is it just breaking through the gums? My 6 month old had one of his incisors break though when he was 5 months and a few weeks later went back in and never came back out. I hope I have helped you answer your question.

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What are 3 classifications of orthodontic treatment?

There are three main classifications of bite arrangement. Class I: First molars are in normal relation Class II: Lower first molar is behind upper first molar Class III: Lower first molar is in front of upper first molar There are several ways of treating.

Is it normal to have pain while pulling molar?

Without an anaesthetic it is normal.

Is it normal for a kid to have a loose molar?


What is difference between normal and molar solution of acetic acid?

For acetic acid the molar and normal concentrations are identical.The value is 60,05 g/L.

How do you find molar volume?

first you have to find the molar mass of either the element or whole compound. then measure out one mole into a measuring device. then use the normal way you always use to find volume

What is a class 1 molar relationship?

When the mesial buccal cusp of the maxillary first molar is distal to the mesial buccal cusp of the mandibular first molar.

Are molar teeth meant to come out?

Yes, it's absolutely normal.

When Do you lose your first molar?

Well i would say you lose your first molar between 5 and 7 years old.

How do prepair normal solution of any chemical?

Normal concentration is the ratio between molar concentration and an equivalence factor.

What is name of each tooth in human mouth?

Incisors * Maxillary central incisor * Maxillary lateral incisor * Mandibular central incisor * Mandibular lateral incisor Canines * Maxillary canine * Mandibular canine Premolars * Maxillary first premolar * Maxillary second premolar * Mandibular first premolar * Mandibular second premolar Molars * Maxillary first molar * Maxillary second molar * Maxillary third molar * Mandibular first molar * Mandibular second molar * Mandibular third molar

What teeth is close to maxillary sinus?

upper first molar and second premolar and firat prenolar and second molar

What does 6N means in sulfuric acid 6N?

6 normal, which for sulfuric acid is 3 molar.

Is it normal to pull out your molar and have your root sticking out?

hi and yes it is a bit normal tohave that but i would say to phone up youre dentist and ask

Describe how you can determine the molar mass of a compound?

To calculate the Molar Mass of a compound, first determine the atomic weight of each atom and then multiply the weight with the number of atoms in the compound. Add the total and multiply it with the molar mass constant. Molar mass constant is 1g/mol.

What is the Normal value of humidity in atmosphere?

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air it is 1% of the molar content. David

What is molar conductivity at infinite dilution?

Molar conductivity at infinite dilution is when molar conductivity is limited. Molar conductivity is when electrolyte conductivity is divided by molar concentration.

Do first molars fall out to make room for adult molars?

yes. i myself have a loose molar at this moment in time. they will fall out and a new adult molar will grow in.

Is it normal for a molar tooth to fall out and then the little tooth next to it fall out the next day?

Definitely not normal. Sounds like some serious tooth disease happening there. See a dentist.

How many teeth does a normal adult usually have?

32But commonly we see the upper and lower 8 (last molar) may not erupt thus you may have 28 or 30 that is normal.

When do children get molar teeth?

The first molars come in at about six years of age.

What is the molar mass of C3 H8?

to find molar mass you add the molar mass of the carbons 3(amu)+ molar mass of the hydrogens 8(amu) to find molar mass you add the molar mass of the carbons 3(amu)+ molar mass of the hydrogens 8(amu)

Change grams to moles?

First you must know the molar mass of the substance you are working with. Once you know that, divide the number of grams by the molar mass to get the number of moles.

What is the difference between maxillary molar and mandibular molar?

The maxillary bone is the upper jaw whereas the mandible is the lower jaw. So the maxillary molar must refer to the molar on the upper jaw and the mandibular molar is the molar on the lower jaw.

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