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Q: Is it normal for a girl to have a penis?
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Is it normal for a girl to grab a guys penis?

yes very normal

Your penis is 2 inch your age is 21 is this is normal?

i think no .. girl will dissapointed and penis will never grow again after Wet Dream ..

I am 16 and my penis is curved to the right is that normal?

it feels better for the girl, i know that much

What a girl will do if they saw your penis?

It depends on the girl and the penis.

Can a girl tell if you have a small penis?

Most girls don't care what size your penis is. And most men who think their penis is small actually have a totally normal sized penis - see the related link below.

Is it normal to bleed from your penis once a month?

Bleeding from the penis is never normal.

If your penis is curved to the left or right is this normal - is a girl going to care what it looks like?

No, usually if it bends when erected, it may be something to see your GP about, but if not then your penis is normal. If your girlfriend loves you, then she shouldn't care.

Is it normal to have a second penis?

Only as normal as you make it.

Is it normal to have a hair on your penis?

Not on your shaft but on your balls it is normal

Is it normal to have small white bumps on your penis?

In answer, no these are not normal.

How long should is the normal length your penis should be?

The normal length of a man's penis is 6.5in. to 8in.

If youre 14 and your penis is about 5 .75 iches almost 6 with boner is that big or small?

every size of a penis in normal, forget the size of your penis, it does not matter at all, a girl has a blast with her fingers, your penis is considerably bigger than a girls fingers.

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