Is it normal for a girl to tell you she loves you yet prefer to hang out with her friends?

If she is always hanging out with her friends and you seldom see her then no, it's not normal, but, if you see her (usually on the weekends or a day or so during the week) and she is out with girlfriends that is perfectly normal and you should be out with your male friends having a little fun with them. A good relationship is one where each partner gives the other person some "head space." As much as we can love our partners it's a suffocating feeling to always have them hanging around you and never having any other interests or keeping in touch with friends. It doesn't mean they are going to cheat. When I was dating my husband he would go out with his friends to a bar for a few brewskies, go away the odd weekend fishing, go water-skiing, etc. I, in turn, would go out with my girlfriends to a bar, (didn't fool around on him), movies, etc. Now that's healthy! My attitude was "if he wants to cheat he'll do it anyway, and if I catch him cheating (he never did) he knows that will be the end of us." Try sitting down with your girlfriend and work out a plan that is good for both of you. She can go out with her friends and you go out with yours, yet you should be seeing each other on the weekends. I think the problem here is "do you trust her?" Marcy Yes, depending on the situation, she may love you as a buddy because there are different types of love, or if you turned the scenerio into an awkward situation she might have backed-off.