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Lots of guys do and lots don't - it's a personal preference

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Q: Is it normal for a guy to shave your pubic hair?
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Can a guy shave their legs?

Of course a guy can shave his legs. Men can shave any part of their body they choose -- it's a personal decision. Many men shave their legs, armpits, chests, and even arms and pubic hair. Some men even shave it all. It's all "normal" and acceptable.

Should a man shave his balls?

Hi! You don't have to shave down there, it's simply a choice you make. Shaving your pubic hair isn't 'gay', for as a matter of fact it tends to feel (and look) a lot better. However, if you were to shave the hair to an extremely short length, this could prove itself as a problem. Pubic hair is designed to aerate the region and dissipate moisture; and if there is little to none there, well, you get the idea. But yeah! Go for it, guy!

Can you get pregnant if there is semen on the guy's pubic hair?

doubt itt

Do guys like girls with or without pubic hair?

it just depends on the guy. most guys do like girls without pubic hair.

What happens if a guy doesn't like you having hair down there?

Shave it.

What are some signs of a guy going through puberty?

deepening of voice, facial hair, attitude change, pubic hair, growth spurt

What are some of the physical changes for guy's during puberty?

The size of the testis increases significantly. Also there is growth of pubic hair.

Can a young guy fix a short hair cut how?

SHAVE IT ALL OFF!!!!!! Gell it, spike it, put a hat over it! :)

Is it normal for a guy to have hair around the front part of his anus?


Do you want to shave your butt hair?

Well I personally don't want to, I have some hair on my "cheeks" but I'm a guy. Some girls though, may want to shave, that's not wrong but, if they grow some dark or noticeable gluteal hair I may understand, but why otherwise be so obsessed?

How can a guy get his facial hair to grow?

shave your face trust me itll work takes time

Is it ok for a guy to shave his armpits?

Every guy does it

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