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Is it normal for a male rabbit to nest?

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If by nest your meaning ripping it's hair out, then somethings wrong. If it is definitely male, make sure its environment and location are good otherwise he may be becoming stressed out. If everything is OK, you may need to get it sexed. cause you may have a baby girl :) . . . the girl will nest by instinct even if she is not pregnant

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Does a male rabbit make a nest for a female rabbit?

A male rabbit would not make the actual nest for the female but he would be very happy for his fur to be pulled out for the babies to have a comfortable nest. Any rabbit in the pen wouldn't mind the mother rabbit pulling there fur out for a nest because rabbits LOVE to be respected.

Does a male rabbit pull his fur out for the females nest?


Why is your rabbit making a nest when you only put the male with her yesterday?

She was either making a nest for her and him or preparing if she gets pregnant.

When a rabbit looks after her babies is it normal for her to take the top off the nest now again that you can see the babies clearly?

yes it is very normal for a rabbit to take off the top of the nest when her babies are clear to see.

Your female rabbit is been pruned by a male rabbit and is going bald?

Does that mean mated? If so then she is making a warm nest for her babies on the way

Is it normal for a rabbit not to make a nest when she is going to have a baby?

How long, is the birth process take Place?

Why do male rabbits take off hair when they are breeding on top the female?

This is very normal, as the male rabbit needs to pull the fur so it can properly get the the female rabbit.

When a rabbit is about to have babies do they pull there hair out to make a nest or another rabbits hair out?

Yes! this is completely normal, in the wild they dig a hole and fill it with fur and grass for a nest.

What if a bunny eats her own nest?

A rabbit would not eat its nest, only rabbit food or food.

What is another name for a male rabbit?

A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.A male rabbit is referred to as a buck, or jack.

What is a male rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck

What does it mean if you have a female rabbit and it is shedding a lot but was never introduced to a male rabbit?

If she is showing all the signs of pregancy, such as shedding, nest making, etc., it will be a phantom pregancy, which is a common occurence.

If A rabbit is pregnant and she's only using hay and grass for her nest is that OK?

Yes this is very normal. She will most likely start using some of her fur too.Just a pointer, while your rabbit is nesting, don't try to move anything in her nest.

Does the mother rabbit make the nest?

Yes, the mother makes the nest.

Do you need to put the female rabbit and male rabbit in different cages if the female has started pulling out her fur and looks to be building a nest?

well i dont know about the pulling her hair out, but if she's making a nest then its more likely she is making it so she can have a litter of kits/bunnies.

How does a male rabbit behave after breeding?

normal as usual but if its acting weird take it to the vet immediately

My rabbit is nesting and theres a littllood in the nest what does that mean is it normal?

yes it means if she is pregnant that the babys will be there soon or if she is not pregnant that is really bad

What is the term of a female and male rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck and a female rabbit is a doe.

What is the name of the male and the female rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck, female rabbit is a doe.

If an animal scares a wild rabbit from its nest will the rabbit return?


What is the term for male rabbit?

A male rabbit is called a Buck.

Is it the male or female pygmy hog that makes the nest?

it is the male and female that make the nest. if there is only a male then it may be harder to build a bigger nest.

Why would a female rabbit pluck a male rabbit's fur out?

They pluck their hair out because they use it to make a nest for the new born bunnies.

What kind of rabbits do you have?

I have one normal sized brown lopped ear rabbit(female), one black and white dwarf lop ear rabbit(female), one pure white normal lop ear rabbit(female) and a brown and grey mini lop rabbit(male).

When will an expectant rabbit begin to build her nest?

The rabbit normally builds her nest about 2-3 days before her kits are due to be born.