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If a mare has foaled before, being around other pregnant mares can sometimes bring on lactation.

My freinds horse has this problem but the vet said it was nothing to worry about, she is not in with other horses so im not sure why it happens.

Our mare had three foals by the time she was 4 yrs. old. The previous owner was not a very good horse person. When we bought her, #3 foal was by her side. This mare had milk until the day she died at age 29.

2010-03-07 02:15:09
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It means that the mare is pregnant.

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No, it just means the mare isn't pregnant.

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it means the mare is pregnant

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Well if the mare is pregnant it means she is getting very close to foaling, especially if they are dripping milk/colostrum. If however the mare is swollen without being pregnant it can mean she has an infection and might need a course of antibiotics to clear it up and make her more comfortable.

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Is it normal to have a Brooding mare to stop producing milk when the foal is only a couple months old and does that mean she is pregnant?

Depends, how many months. If its been six months its okay because its time to wean the foal. If its only two months then you might want to call your vet. They have a shot that makes them produce milk, it just depends on how old the foal is. And no it doesn't mean she is pregnant, she can still produce milk if she is pregnant and has a foal.

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