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No it's not. She was probally putting it on. There can often be laughter in sex for certain reasons, but this isn't one of them unless she's nervous. Some people when nervous will giggle uncontrollably. You should ask her why she is doing this and you have a right to know. She should respect the fact you are nervous being your first time and help it be a more pleasurable experience for you. She's wrong and let her know it!

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What counts when you are losing your virginity?

What counts and what matters is both your feelings, and health. It's best to keep that in mind whenever engaging in sexual intercourse.

When is a teenager ready to lose their virginity?

There is no set age for teens to lose their virginity as everyone makes their own individual choices based on their feelings and particular situations. Some aren't ready to lose their virginity in their teenage years at all and wait til they are a bit or much older before engaging in sexual intercourse.

What is likoria?

This is the women spurms discharge without feelings or intercourse

Why sexule intercourse need for human?

a human body is one that is embraded by feelings of love,caring and tenderness and it is best expressed through sexual intercourse.......only for the married

When should you start liking a girl?

You should have feelings for both men and women until you have intercourse.

What are a womans physical feelings during sexual intercourse explain?

well when they're having sex for the first time they're physical feelings are omg my vag

Why does your ex girlfriend blush uncontrollably when you run into her?

Because she still has feelings for you and doesn't know exactly how to act around you yet. For her sake, ignore it and act as normal as possible around her.

Who was the Greek god of sex?

Eros was the Greek god of sexual intercourse and lust, combined, however, with feelings and emotions

Is being not a virgin important?

Virginity or not should not be a big debate when in a relationship. Sexuality should come later since feelings should take center stage in a relationship.

You like this girl but had intercourse with your ex girlfriend as you were talking to the girl you liked what do you do to get her back?

If you had intercourse with someone else and it hurt the other girl's feelings, it is not likely that you will win her back. Let her heal up and if she's interested she'll come to you.

Can you be pregnant with out any sexual feelings during intercourse?

If it was unprotected sex (without a condom, or any oral contraceptive, or any other contraceptive) then yes.

How gay guys lose their verginaty?

Depends on what you mean by "virginity". Some people would say that intimate contact with another person leading to ejaculation would be losing virginity. Others would say actual penetration (oral or anal) would be necessary, and some would argue that both penetration and release of semen would be required. But if you're just talking about personal feelings, you've lost your virginity when you think you have!

Disadvantage of sharing a bed with someone?

If you have a boyfriend, and your in the same bed as him, chances are you might have a love connection( have big feelings for each other in 2 seconds) and have sexual intercourse(sex).

How is a swearword defined?

A swearword is a taboo linguistic sign that people use especially to indicate strong feelings such as anger. Swearwords typically refer to religion, excretion, and sexual intercourse.

What's it called when you are not sexually attracted to the same gender but you think they are cute You want no intercourse with the same gender but may have feelings?

Also does this still consider that you can still like the opposite gender?

Whats the youngest age a female can have intercourse?

Technically females can have intercourse at a very young age if they're raped but otherwise it just depends on the feelings of the parties involved. Legally the age of consent is usually 16, but there are a few places where it can be as low as 14. Pay attention to the laws in your state or country and know what they are.

What does it mean to have an intercourse dream about your ex girlfriend?

This is a sex dream, and need not have any special significance. It does not provide information about the ex girlfriends thoughts or feelings. At the most, it could express a desire to "get in touch" with her.

How do guys feel about the girl they lost their virginity to?

Depends on the individual; some are in love with the girl, while others were just looking for a fling, and others have feelings towards the girl and will always see them as special in their eyes even if they don't work out.

Do lionblaze and cinderheart become mates?

Yes, Erin Hunter reveals that Lionblaze has "feelings" for Cinderheart in Night Whispers but Cinderheart rejects him when she discovers that Lionblaze is part of a prophecy. look up cinderheart on warriors wiki. answer in omen of the stars #6

What does it mean when your girlfrind says shes experienced but says she is still a virgin?

A lot of people don't count oral sex as losing their virginity. Not as many, but still a lot of people don't count sex either if its just for the experience with someone they have no feelings for.

What if your 17 having lower backaches tiredness weird stomach feelings your period is due in 2 days you had sex 2 days after your ovulating time could you be pregnant?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can get pregnant after engaging in intercourse ...

Can 23 date an 11 years old?

yes but just don't have sexual intercourse. it's illegal in the United States but i highly doubt he/she would date someone that is very young unless he/she has strong feelings for you.

Where can I find a list of the common symptoms of uterine cancer?

Common symptoms of uterine cancer are feelings of pain during intercourse, as well as increased bleeding from lady parts. This includes "spotting" which is bleeding when you are not on your menstrual cycle.

What age was Jeff hardy when he lost his virginity?

I don't know who he is, but the question should be why do you care? So what is X guy lost his virginity at X age. It is not important. You can lose you virginity when you feel it is right, not based on when everyone else is doing it. Listening to everyone else is lame, the cool thing to do is wait till you feel the time has come, not when another person says it has to! Just listen to you feelings, don't let anyone else tell you what those should be, when you meet the right person, you will know it. (assuming you are a virgin, I'm one too if you didn't guess.) No need to rush.

Is it normal for a Muslim man to have feelings for a girl?

We are all called to serve in different ways. _________________________________________________________ The Muslim man ; as any man in the world; may have feelings for a girl. However, this feeling should be controlled by the Islamic teachings that most important of which is not to having any kind of sexual actions (oral or intercourse sex) outside licit marriage.