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Is it normal for an 18-year-old boy's voice to not have changed yet?

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Has Justin Bieber's voice change?

he's voice changed when started singing the really high notes or his voice changed like every boys voice changes when they get older.

What kind of voice does Justin Bieber have?

It sounds like a chipmunk in a blender.Well, he has a normal voice just like OTHER boys.

Why do boys voice crack in puberty?

Because, boys vocal cords are getting longer and sometimes your voice may crack a little bit. It's something normal, and every boy goes through it!

Can a twelve year old boys voice change?

You have to wait... It will happen eventually although it is not unknown for it to happen this early in Puberty. It is normal for a boy of your age to have a higher voice than older boys. Puberty will cause your voice to lower, but it can take a few years.

How long does it take for a 11 year old boys voice to change while in puberty?

My voice broke at age 12, early I know. But it just changed, it didn't squeak it just changed one day and I was like - what?

Can you be 21 and still not have a broken voice?

Yes it is possible. Not all boys get the deeper voice, some continue with a higher voice all through life. It is also not always noticable that it has broke. It may have changed without much difference in sound. Some boys will get an Adam's apple and some won't.

When should a man's voice break?

Sometimes it's just natural for boys to have a low voice, but some boys break their voice by the age of 12 or 13

How many pages does The World of Normal Boys have?

The World of Normal Boys has 282 pages.

At what age does a boy's voice deepen?

There is not an exact age for what age boys voices deepen, because we all go through puberty at a different time. Approximately, boys voices deepen around eleven through around fourteen. That still doesn't mean their voice is changed and is not going to still change, because it could still get deeper. Also, a boy's voice can change sooner or even later. I know this because there are a lot of boys in my grade (Sixth grade) I've noticed that their voice deepened.

What is the ISBN of The World of Normal Boys?

The ISBN of The World of Normal Boys is 1-57566-661-8.

Why does a boys voice break?

When boys grows, they reach puberty. Puberty includes voice changes as the larynx grows and the vocal cords get longer and thicker.

What age do boys get a deep voice?

their voice starts to break around 15-17

When did Joseph haydn become interested in composing?

His voice changed when he was 16 and then he got kicked out of the boys choir because he was no longer a soprano. He then tried composing and was hired by Prince Esterhazy.

Is it normal for a boys throat to get sore during puberty?

When the voice-box/Larynx begins to stretch during Puberty the voice begins to lower in tone. This usually causes the throat to be sore. It will pass in time. Try sucking lozenges to sooth it.

Why does a boys voice change?

The vocal cords start to stretch. The longer the cords the deeper the voice.

Will a boys voice change at age 18?

I'm 18 yr boy,but my voice is squeaky...

What age does a boys voice break?


At what age does a boys voice deepen?


When does a guys voice change?

A boys voice changes during Puberty. It generally gets lower in tone.

How can a boy get a girl voice?

boys voices get mature by age he may have a girls voice now but not forever

Did cole or Dylan sprouse take testosterone shots or did their voice get deeper naturally?

when they grow up there voices change naturally. soooo no they did not take testosterone.. they grew into HOT boys and their voices changed

Is it normal for boys to grow stomach hair?

Yes, it is perfectly normal.

Why do boys have a deeper voice than girls?

Because of how girls go threw different puberty then boys

How does a boys voice break?

The boys voice breaks because as he grows through puberty the voice box, or larynx, holding the vocal cords begins to stretch and get longer. An Adams Apple (boney lump in throat) may appear also.

What is a turn on for 13 year old boys?

voice breaks