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No, it is not normal for a newer car to idle and shake rough. I have had the same problem with my car and all it required was a tune up and a change of the spark plugs. I work for General Motors as a Licensed Mechanic. I encountered a sitution on numerous occassions where one of two problems existed. First, if the alternator had been replaced and the harness (sensor array) had not been properly re-routed, vibration caused the injector set harness (back left of the fuel rail), to rub through on the alt. mounting bolt causing a short to groung on one of the injectors resulting in a misfire, excess O2 down stream, compensation through the O2 as a lean condition, and ultimately the IAC trying to compensate with increased air. The second most common problem resulting in over idle speen a vacuum leak into the intake. Either through the crank breather vent or failed phlenum gaskets. Either condition tends to flip the SES with a 'high idle' or 'rich mixture' fault.

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Q: Is it normal for an engine to idle at 1000 RPM?
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What are the normal RPM 1994 Dodge Ram 1500?

Idle speed will vary from 600-1000 rpm.Idle speed will vary from 600-1000 rpm.

How many RPM's should a engine in a 1972 Barracuda idle at?

anywhere from 800 to 1000 RPM.

What is the normal idle RPM for a 2001 jeep wrangler?

600 to 1000 rpm, will vary by what the computer is aiming for.

Is it normal for an lancer engine to idle at 1000 rpm?

No. It should be idling around 650 warmed up. Look for a possible vacuum leak.

Idle RPM camaro z28 lt1?

it should be 1000 rpm

Why does your gmc sierra idle 1500 rpm yet when you shut it off and restart it will go to normal rpm?

It is normal for a GMC Sierra to idle fast when it is first started. It will idle at around 1500 rpm until the engine warms up. To get it to slow the rpm's sooner, a person can tap the throttle once and it should slow down.

What is the idle speed of 1992 Chrysler lebaron 2.5 liter engine?

Will vary between 700 and 1000 rpm.

What is engine idle speed for 1996 Intrepid 3.5L engine?

Idle speed is automatically controlled by the PCM. It varies from 600 to 1000 rpm. If it is not in that range then it has an electrical problem or a vacuum leak.

How do I slow the idle of a 1995 Harley?

Turn the idle adjustment screw on the carburetor counter clockwise while the engine is running, until the engine idles between 950 and 1000 RPM.

What isidol speed fora 4clyinderengine?

Im guessing your asking @ what RPM is the 4 cylinder engine supposed to idel at. Well, theres usually two idle settings. A cold idle and a warm idle. You didint mention for what engine, and that's important because every engine has its own correct idle but to give ya a rough idea, the cold idle is usually 950-1000 RPM and warm idle is usually 850-900 RPM!

What is the idle RPM for a 1.8L integra?

when u first start the car it will idle high, around 1.5 rpm to 2 rpm. when its warm up it should idle between 700-1000 rpm

What does the idle controvavlve do?

It maintains engine idle rpm when the throttle is closed.

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