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Within a certain amount it is normal and will stop as time goes on. If it happens within excess then there is a leak and a problem within the brake line.Ê

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Can you kill someone with air?

yes. compressed air because it has a lot of chemicals in it. But the only way this happens is if someone has a open cut or scrape on their body.

What is the correct spelling for someone?

The correct spelling is someone.

Is it correct to say it is the time of someone OR it is the time for someone?

It is grammatically correct to say it is the time for someone and not it is the time of someone.

What happens when you use an expired blood collection tubes?

Based on integrity can someone validate this question with a good honest and correct answer?

Is it correct English to say someone that....?

It would be more correct to say, someone who.

Is the phrase urged by someone correct?

The phrase 'urged by someone' is correct; e.g. "He was urged by someone to fight for his rights."

If someone is impeached what is the next steptaken?

What happens if someone is impeached? What happens if someone is impeached?

What drug looks like it was brown grass?

I found a small stick of compressed brown grass. Possibley compressed magic mushrooms? idk someone help me

To get aids do you have to get it from someone who has it?

That is correct; you must get it from someone who has it.

Is it grammatically correct to say you borrowed a tool to somebody or does it always have to be lent?

If one gives something to someone for temporary use, then it is lending and if someone gets something from others for the same, then it is borrowing. In the sentence mentioned by you, it should be 'you lent a tool to somebody'.

What is the correct spelling of the word someone?

Someone. You have it right.

Which is the correct grammar to chat to someone or to chat with someone?


Can someone show me in the correct direction?

The question is best written, thus: Can someone show me the correct direction, please!

How akon become a good singer?

He already knew how to sing but someone mentioned him to someone bigger

What happens if someone states something that has flaws?

Then you need to correct them. Be careful, though, as sometimes meanings can be misinterpreted, and you would not want to be the one to challenge a valid assertion.

What happens if you report someone in fantage?

Nothing happens.

What is the name of someone that studies stars?

I don't know if i have spelled it right but they are known as an 'Astronomar' if it isn't spelled right sorry but you should get the basic idea of what i have said :) The correct spelling of the word mentioned above is 'Astronomer'.

Are you in free fall if you use a parachute?

interesting: in effect you are, because you have reached the terminal velocity for your surface area, which happens to be very large! if wrong, someone please correct me.

Was darwin's theory correct?

Yes, yes it was. As far as we know though, in years to come, someone might find the possibility of it being incorrect, but if it ever happens, it will be a while.

I wish someone will give me a puppy as a christmas gift is a correct grammar?

Correct: I wish someone would give me a puppy for Christmas.

I want to download windows vista which is compressed highly.i downloaded many such compressed vista but none seem to work can someone suggest me a good site that has a genuine compressed vista?

Its Ezy ! Try: Its Safe, Ezy and Real vista!

Is where was I grammatically correct?

As in someone trying to remember where they left off, "Where was I?" is correct, yes.

Is the grammar in this sentence correct or incorrect?

The grammar in the question is correct.

Is Department of major grammatically correct?

No, it is not grammatically correct. If you want someone to correct it for you, please can you explain what you are trying to refer to?

What is the verb for correct?

Depending on the context, correct is already a verb. For example, the action "to correct someone" or "to correct spelling" is an action and therefore a verb.