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YUP! Expect your whole body to do things it has never done before and dont be scared to ask as many questions of your doc as you can! Also - search the web - lots of stuff out there! Yes!

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Q: Is it normal for breast tenderness to go on and off in the very first few weeks of pregnancy?
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Can you get breast tenderness in the 3rd week of pregnancy?

! Yes, you can get breast tenderness in the first couple of weeks, as long as nausea!! Congrats!!

Is it normal to have no breast tenderness in my first pregnancy?

Breast tenderness can sometimes be the first sign of pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I noticed my breasts were very sore and they seemed to be getting larger. Wearing a bra could be painful. So, yes, it could be a sign. However, some women experience this prior to their periods. I never did this prior to my period, so I knew it was s sign of pregnancy.

I am 1 month pregnant but I don't have any breast tenderness why?

Tenderness is not a requirement. Especially after the first pregnancy. The glands of the breast will develop ... but at their own rate.

Can you be pregnant even if you don't have breast tenderness?

yes With my first pregnancy my breasts were so tender I could not bear to be cuddled. With my second I had no breast tenderness whatsoever.

Can breast tenderness subside at 11 weeks?

Yes. A lot of of your first symptoms of pregnancy subside after the first trimester.

Does every woman experience breast tenderness when they are pregnant?

Breast tenderness is a common symptom of pregnancy but not everyone experiences it, and it is not always the same in different pregnancies for the same woman. I was so sore in my first I couldn't even hug my husband, but in my second I had no tenderness at all.

How do you know when you should take a pregnancy test?

Usually a missed period is the first sign. Or if you experience morning sickness or breast tenderness or increase in breast size.

Is chest pain a sign of pregnancy?

Chest pain is not a sign of pregnancy but should be checked by a doctor. Breast tenderness (pain) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of first trimester pregnancy?

Symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy are typically nausea, breast tenderness, increased urination, dizziness, tiredness, heartburn and constipation. Other symptoms may occur but those are the most common ones.

What is sign and symptom of one month pregnancy?

The very first sign of pregnancy is Breast Tenderness or sore Breast.Moreover you will feel fatigued .And some back ace .I am writing it keeping in view my personal experiences !

How do your breasts feel when your pregnant?

your breast can become sore getting bigger or it can be normal and you never feel any pain. when i had my first pregnancy i had sore breast and it was becoming full full and fuller. But in my second pregnancy nothing happened to my Breast it never pained me even when i gave birth the breast was just normal.

How do you know when to take a pregnancy test if there has not been a period since stopping depo provera and breasts are tender?

Breast tenderness is generally associated with mensus for many women. After coming off of depo, it may take a while for your periods to become normal. If you have had unprotected sex since stopping the depo, there are pregnancy tests out there now that detect pregnancy as early as two weeks gestation. There are a lot of questions to be asked in the possibility of you being pregnant, breast tenderness is likely not one of the first indications. Pregnancy tests can be taken at any time, and the only relatively sure way to find out.

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast when your three weeks pregnant?

Yes. Breast changes are one of the first most noticeable signs of pregnancy.

Can birth control have the same side effects as pregnancy?

In the first few months of use, birth control pills can cause nausea and breast tenderness, like pregnancy. These side effects go away with time.

Is it normal for a pregnant woman not to experience breast tenderness right away or at least in the first few weeks of conception?

Yes. It effects every woman differently.

Is it possible to have pregnancy without symptoms?

there are alot of pregnancy symptoms, it is possible that one may experience some and not all. but it is never possible for anyone not to experience even one of the symptoms. if you are pregnant you will definantly experience at least a symptom of pregnancy. if not anything, you'll experience the bloating of the abdomen and tenderness of breast. these are constant actually it is possible to experence no pregnancy symptoms for the first few months.but after that the symptoms would start to come in.especially breast tenderness on account they enlarge as soon as six weeks.

Your period was the normal 5 days but it was lighter then normal and your breast itchy and red could you be pregnant?

When in doubt, take a pregnancy test. Usually the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period and sore breasts.

Is increased acne a sign of pregnancy?

Could be, but most likely not. Probably a hormone issue, or you could be close to starting your period. If you are pregnant the first symptoms are morning sickness, breast tenderness.

When Im lying face down with my stomach against the floor for yoga it is tender in the lower section is this a sign of pregnancy?

The normal signs of pregnancy are 1) late period 2) positive pregnancy test. Look to those first; abdominal tenderness is not a sign of pregnancy.

Could you start having symptoms of pregnancy after a couple weeks?

Yes, it is possible to have symptoms of pregnancy such as: -head aches -high temperature -bloating -dioreah -breast tenderness -fatigue In the first couple of weeks. But then again it's different for each woman!

When does breast tenderness start if you are pregnant?

Any time within the first 3 months.

Is pain in the breast a pregnancy symptom?

There are many reasons for pain in the breast, but yes, soreness or tenderness can be a symptom of pregnancy. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy:

What are some of the first signs of pregnancy?

There are eight common early signs of pregnancy. They are fatigue, food aversions, unexplained nausea and vomiting, breast swelling and tenderness, frequent urination, shortness of breath and other physical changes that can be found during a pelvic exam.

When do you know you are getting your first period?

usually when you get headaches and your breast are bigger and you have breast tenderness and mostly when you have vaginal discharge. white stuff from your vagina.

How do you tell pregnancy symptoms from period symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms include * missed period, * nausea with or without vomiting, * tiredness, * dizziness, * breast changes and breast tenderness, and * frequent urination. Feelings of sickness (nausea) affect the majority of women during pregnancy, particularly during the first three to four months. Tiredness may be more pronounced during the first and third trimesters. Period symptoms include * headaches, * bloating, * irritability, * backaches, * feeling depressed, * a general feeling of being upset or emotional, * difficulty sleeping, * difficulty concentrating, * breast tenderness, and * some weight gain (up to 1kg) Some of the symptoms are the same, but some are different.