Is it normal for goldfish to chase another goldfish around the tank?


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2011-09-05 17:22:45
2011-09-05 17:22:45

If they are the same kind of fish and it's always the same fish that's doing the chasing, then your fish are different genders. The male fish is the aggressor.

It's usually not a problem, but if the male fish is way larger it can nip off the other fish's fins after a few months bit by bit.

If you notice that the chased fish's fins are a bit tattered or broken, separate the fish from each other or add another female fish.


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They could be mating or just trying to play with eachother.

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During mating season, a male goldfish will "chase" a female by pushing against her bottom in order to get her to lay her eggs. However, a goldfish will chase another fish for any number of reasons from simply playing, to being aggressive and moving the chased fish out of his or her "territory".

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The male will chase the female around the tank.

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well, an educated guess would be that the latter would chase the corpse of the dead goldfish around until it realized that the goldfish its chasing is acually really just a dead corpse. then, once this fact was realized, the (alive) goldfish would most likely eat the dead goldfish, and that wouldn't be good now would it? so you should probably, most likely try to maybe keep all of your goldfish alive and swimming, not dead and chasing eachothers dead bodies all around.

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Because that particular goldfish is actually the female. It's nature at work.

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