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It is normal for a new father to be anxious and a bit fearful regardless of his age. Having a child is a big responsibility, but the rewards are immeasurable. You will feel more secure and relaxed as time goes on. By the way, new mothers experience the same insecurities. It is perfectly normal for her also.

It would be strange if a new father of any age did not feel extremely scared and nervous! These are feelings that will return many times throughout your exciting, frustrating and rewarding life as a parent, Just the fact that you are taking the initiative to ask questions indicates that you'll be a great Dad.

The anxiety of new fathers is relieved as they spend more time with their newborn and become attuned to their personality and needs. Moms get more immediate practice, and so it is easy to feel intimidated in the early days and weeks. As you care for your child and become more skilled at the tasks involved, you will feel more in the zone and enjoy the time with your little one! BTW, no one is perfect, and there is some flexibility, even with newborns.

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Q: Is it normal for new fathers to be to be extremely scared and nervous when they are only 20 years old?
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