Is it normal for sex to be painful for a boy?



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I don't know if its normal or not but this generally occurs if the foreskin wasn't pushed back properly before penetration.. and it got pushed back while you were having intercourse. It could also be something else... so if its serious maybe you should ask a doctor!


No it is not normal for sex to be painful at all. Go see your doctor and tell them your issues.


BOYS HAVE TO REMEMBER that the penis is a very sensitive soft tissue organ. If the penis does not get attention or stimulation except when you have sex, it very well could feel very tender, sore, and swollen. If you masturbate on a very regular basis,it shouldn't be so tender. Also, if you are UNCIRCUMSIZED, the foreskin does NOT have to be "pulled back" before intercourse. You CAN have intercourse with the foreskinremaining covering the tip (glans) of the penis. However, if insertion is tight, and the foreskin tries to pull back, some boys have a penis head to big and/or a foreskin hole that's to small. If LOTS of lubrication doesn't help, you may need MINOR surgereyto enlarge the foreskin hole. It is pretty common problem (well, not unheard of) forboys who are not circumsized. It's embarassing to drop your pants and ask your doctor about your PENIS, but if you need to do it, do it now! It will only get worse if you do indeed need a minor procedure. GOOD LUCK..............<<<ADR>>>