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I don't know if its normal or not but this generally occurs if the foreskin wasn't pushed back properly before penetration.. and it got pushed back while you were having intercourse. It could also be something else... so if its serious maybe you should ask a doctor!

AnswerNo it is not normal for sex to be painful at all. Go see your doctor and tell them your issues. ANOTHER ANSWERBOYS HAVE TO REMEMBER that the penis is a very sensitive soft tissue organ. If the penis does not get attention or stimulation except when you have sex, it very well could feel very tender, sore, and swollen. If you masturbate on a very regular basis,it shouldn't be so tender. Also, if you are UNCIRCUMSIZED, the foreskin does NOT have to be "pulled back" before intercourse. You CAN have intercourse with the foreskinremaining covering the tip (glans) of the penis. However, if insertion is tight, and the foreskin tries to pull back, some boys have a penis head to big and/or a foreskin hole that's to small. If LOTS of lubrication doesn't help, you may need MINOR surgereyto enlarge the foreskin hole. It is pretty common problem (well, not unheard of) forboys who are not circumsized. It's embarassing to drop your pants and ask your doctor about your PENIS, but if you need to do it, do it now! It will only get worse if you do indeed need a minor procedure. GOOD LUCK..............<<>>
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Is it normal to have serious crampingabdominal pain after sex?

usually it is not that much of painful

Do virgins cry during sex?

Yes, but not forever When the hygiene tear that's open to normal she will bleed and it will be painful

What does it mean if you bled after sex and sex is painful?

You broke your hymen. Or, "Popped your cherry." It's perfectly normal, it's supposed to happen. Have sex again. It'll feel better the second time.

IS a Cone biopsy and bleeding after painful sex 8 weeks later normal?

My freind had a Cone Biopsy done 3+ years ago. She still has pain with sex at times. Doctor said this is normal? Does not sound right to me.

Is sex painful for men when the penis is not circumcised?

It shouldn't be painful.

Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to want sex?

Yes! Don't feel ashamed; it's totally normal for a 13 year old boy (or girl) to want to have sex. It's all a part of puberty and the hormones that come with it.

When your pregenat how painful is it?

Have sex

What is greater the pain of sex or the pleasure?

sex should not be painful

Is it normal that you have white creamy discharge during sex?

if your a boy yes. if your a girl I'm not sure

If the man isn't a virgin but the woman is would sex be painful for the men too?

Sex should never be painful for a man, virgin or not.

Is it normal to have painful hair at roots?

It is not normal for hair to be painful at the roots, at least, not unless someone is pulling on your hair.

Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to ask for sex?

No it is not normal behaviour to ask for sex at 13 years old. In any case he must wait until he reaches the legal Age Of Consent.

Is sex joyful?

No. It is actually incredibly painful.

How painful is treatment of an anal abscess?

I had this boy in my year who had that and I heard it was quite painful.

Is puberty painful for a male boy?


How bad is herpes?

herpes is not bad at all, it's almost normal believe it or not.....It the same virus as a cold sore but some people get it on their genitals which can be painful. people who have genital herpes usually don't even get another outbreak...herpes is gross looking and painful but it's not going to kill you and you can live a normal sex life. just don't have sex if u have another outbreak by any chance and your all set.....

Is it normal to have hair growth on the labia minora and what is the best way to remove this hair since shaving it is irritating the skin and making sex painful?

This not a normal occurrence but it does happen in some women. It is best to have the hair removed by laser. As you have found out, the other alternatives can be painful. Yes it is normal to have hair growing on your Labia Majora, The best way to take it all off is by Bikini Waxing.

How long does sex hurt?

sex is normally only a bit painful for woman the first time.

Is First time sex painful for men or only for women?

First time sex is definitely not painful for men unles there is something wrong. It can be painfull for women in some cases.

You are fourteen and your weight is 167 is that normal or are you over weight?

You need a longer question. Boy? Girl? Height? This depends on you height and sex.

IS 19y boy having penis 4.5inches normal for-sex with 26y women?

It's fine. You don't need to worry.

Is sex painful after a gap?

Is a a bird singing a beautiful sound

Is dry sex enjoyable?

Not very much. It can even be painful.

What should you do if you have seen your doctor and you are healthy but sex is still painful?

I have been to the doctor and nothing seems to be wrong. I am healthy and can't figure out why sex is so painful. Noone can answear my questions.

What does sexually confused mean?

This means I you are a boy you feel tha desire to have sex or be boyfriend with a "boy" it's normal at times yet your mom or dad won't approve it is call gay.

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