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2006-07-23 16:04:55
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What do dogs like about outside?

They like the fresh air and they feel more free. There are lots of different smells for them to explore aswell

How do you tell if fish is fresh -?

Smell it, if it smells nasty throw it away, if it smells fresh and looks like its got more red than white its fresh.

How do you detect if fish is fresh?

Well, if it smells a bit strange, or rather, it stinks the house out, then it is definitely NOT fresh, but if it smells fishy (But not stinky), it is probably a fresh fish. :)

Smells in the rainforest?

fresh air and flowers

What type of bug smells like fresh cut grass if squashed?

Stink Bugs smell to me like fresh cut grass when I squish them....but apparently that's not normal (nether am I though, so that's cool)

Why do period blood smells?

Because it is old not fresh

How would you describe what does the outdoors smells like?


How do you tell if bread is fresh in stores?

squeeze and smell it, it it sounds, smells and feels fresh then its good

How are airplane cabins pressurized?

There are air pumps in the outer jacket of the jet engines. Outside fresh air is taken in, compressed by pistons, and forced into ducts that send it into the cabin. The cabin is tightly sealed with carefully calculated exhaust. This allows the small air pump to keep the cabin pressurized. The cabin heaters are usually part of the pressurization system.

What does it mean when raw chicken smells like cheese?


How do you know if the vagina is not fresh?

Clean smells clean. If it's not, you will know.

What does the air smell like tundra?

it smells like a fresh grapes

What does a lemon smell like?

well i think it smells fresh and strong

Why do outside smells come through AC vents when it is operating?

The reason why is because there are to modes on your Air conditiniong, called fresh air mode and recycling mode, if you want to eliminate outside air put it on recycling mode. The answer to your question there are vents below your windshield to suck up fresh air mode and will pick up any smell outside for example cars exhaust fumes ETC.

Which apple will stay fresh apple in container or apple in outside?

the apple outside will stay fresh if its still on the tree

What does it mean when your blood smells on your period?

It means it is old blood, not fresh blood

What does kiwi smell like?

It smells like a fresh fruit with saltie water on.

What does hay smell like?

Fresh hay smells much like grass.

Should you cook then eat fresh chicken that smells bad?

NO!!! never!!! you may have bought it fresh but that doesnt mean that the meat is actually good to eat. If any meat smells, throw it out! Fresh meat purchased from the grocery should be either consumed within a day or two or be frozen to preserve its freshness. If it smells bad uncooked, it will smell equally as bad when cooked. Trash it.

Is there a perfume that smells like a freshly cut lemon?


Does brake fluid have an odor?

Yes. It smells like bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.

How do smells travel?

Smells usually travel through the wind. If you're outside playing volleyball, you'll probably get the scent of mom's fresh baked blueberry pie sitting on the windosill waiting to be cooled and then eaten. Making you hungry? Well all smells can't travel without a boost, that's why you have a nose that picks up the scent of perfume a mile away. Have fun sniffin! :0)

Where is the fresh air filter on 1997 dodge Dakota?

No cabin filter on a 1997 Dakota.

Is fresh meat allowed in cabin luggage on a ryanair flight from dublin to London?

..............................................................probably not.

Whats the purpose of gum?

It makes your breath smells FREsH. For other people it just a habit.