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Yes it is very normal especially if the woman is in her mid to late fifties or more. If you are in this age bracket then you would know that menopause can certainly lower most women's libido (a few are lucky enough never to lose it) or even medications to Diabetes and heart problems. Grief over the demise of their husband or the feel of cheating on him can also come into play. Also, you have been with this man that you have felt so comfortable with all these years and you may go through a phase of your life where no man is as good as your husband was. If you are 20 - 49 then I would say you should wait for awhile because you are probably grieving and it can take a year or more to get over your husband's death enough to move on. It's difficult to have loved someone and they pass on because they are gone and you are alive. Often women will feel they are cheating on their deceased husband and feel they need to remain loyal to them. At any age women should seek grief counseling because they have a right to move on and meet someone else. It could be for the passion of love or it could be for companionship. Just because a widow meets another man it doesn't mean that man can ever take the place of her husband. Most people don't want to live alone.

2006-08-20 07:01:00
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