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Is it normal for sperm to look like urine?

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No, that's not so normal. unless you just ejaculated multipule times. then it becomes clear and runny. that just means ur body needs to replenins your "stock". help fix that faster by eaing protine rich foods and fruit juice. otherwise u might wanna go to a doctor and get that checked out... Im not a medical specialist so I don't wanna try and tell you what would cause that.

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What does budgie sperm look like?

like sperm

What should sperm look like?

Sperm should look similar to a tadpole under a microscope.

Why do twins look different?

Fraternal twins are from different egg and sperm which cause them to be like normal siblings except for the date of birth

What does horse sperm look like?

Horse sperm is very similar to human sperm in morphology.

What does girls urine look like?

The same as anyone Else's urine

Why do some twins look different?

Fraternal twins are from different egg and sperm which cause them to be like normal siblings except for the date of birth

What does live sperm look like?

The sperm are like tadpoles , some sperm have small heads and some sperms havebig heads.

What does rat urine look like?

Rat urine looks like what anyone would expect urine to look like. It is a liquid, that can range in color or smell. The colors and smells are dependent on the rats diet.

What does urine look like when you have chlamydia?

Urine generally doesn't look any different if you have chlamydia. A few patients will have cloudy urine or microscopic levels of blood in the urine.

What does cat sperm look like?

Cat sperm looks just like a humans. There is not a difference between them.

How look it look like womens sperm?

Women do not have sperm. If you are asking about women's lubrication, it is clear or cream colored.

What do sperm look like?

If you look through a microscope, they look like tadpoles. If you look with just your eyes, they look like white liquid.

What does men sperm look like?


How does cervical mucus look like after egg is fertile?

Like sperm

What sperm look like?

It white creamy and good

Does sperm look like tadpoles?

Yes, yes they do.

What does a dog sperm look like?

beautiful <3 ;)

What does mice urine look like?

Mice urine is just like human urine. It is a yellow liquid and very small. When a mouse's urine is dry and left alone, it goes sticky.

What do pus in urine look like?

that's nasty

What does the egg cell look like?

Sperm can look different depending on the animal.

What do normal volcanoes look like?

It is hard to know what is 'normal' for volcanoes but a normal one could look like the mountain in the photo above

What does blood in urine look like?

If your urine is pinkish in color, there might be blood in it. See a physician.

What do sperm cells look like?

hey look like really small tadpoles and they are 0.006mm long

Does a octopus spray urine on its enemies?

An octopus does spay urine on it's enemies. The urine would look like black ink.

Why does sperm look like cottage cheese?

No it's more like milk.