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I have a 98 with a 350 it doses the same thing NEW ANSWER: It only takes 7 LBS. to compleatly lube a SB. Chevy at an Idle.

If you have at least 30 LBS of oil pressure while driving down the road your o'kay

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If an engine has a compression ratio of 7.1?

Depends on the make of engine, but that sounds about normal .

Rebuilt engine placed now car wont go into park is this engine or transmission?

Sounds like the linkage that goes from your gearstick to the transmission needs adjusting.

You have no reverse or overdrive in your 1994 dodge Dakota 5.2 liter engine 2wd?

sounds like to me your transmission needs to be rebuilt

Why is your 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3l holding less than 40 pounds of oil pressure?

40 psi with a warmed up engine sounds normal to me.

What is normal temperature of air cooled engine?

It sounds like bhrum bhrum

Why does the radiator overflow out of radiator cap when the temp gauge says the engine temp is normal?

Sounds like you need a new radiator cap, you can get the cap tested to see if it is holding the rated pressure.

Would a loose or cracked flywheel cause what sounds like engine knock in the lower part of the engine on a 99 dodge stratus?

yes absolutely, just happend to me on a rebuilt engine, with less than 2hrs runnjing time.

How do you reset the tire pressure monitoring system on a buick rendezvous?

# Set all tire pressures to the recommended kPa/psi. # Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF. # Press the MODE button until LOW TIRE PRESSURE HOLD SET TO RESET is displayed. # Press and hold the SET button until a chime sounds and TIRE PRESSURE RESET is displayed and a chime sounds 3 times. # release the SET button and TIRE PRESSURE NORMAL is displayed.

When the engine of a Chevrolet Camaro Z28e from 1986 is running on idle there is a knocking sound in the engine bay when the car exelerate it goes away and the engine sounds normal what could it be?

Lifters or valves.

What are the sounds heard while taking a blood pressure?

The sounds heard while measuring blood pressure in this way are called the Korotkoff sounds, and undergo 5 phases: # initial 'tapping' sound (cuff pressure = systolic pressure) # sounds increase in intensity # sounds at maximum intensity # sounds become muffled # sounds disappear

1996 Mazda miata the engine has been rebuilt and now won't start because of a antitheft device needs to be reset please help?

this sounds fishy .... Did you screw that motor up ?

Why is your Oil pressure gauge fluctuating up and down indicator reading oil pressure low stop engine light on?

Do not run the engine until you have checked oil level, sounds like you are very low on oil.

Is 106 over 69 a good blood pressure rate?

Yes, that blood pressure sounds normal. For most people, normal is between 100-160 on top, between 55-90 on the bottom. Make sure you check your blood pressure after resting about five minutes for an accurate reading.

How does a heart murmur sound?

a series of vibratory sounds made by turbulent blood flow. The sounds are longer than normal heart sounds and can be heard between the normal sounds of the heart.

Why is gas getting into the oil pan of my 6 cylinder Ford F-150?

It's got to be washing by the piston rings in the combustion chamber. Sounds like an engine rebuilt is in order very soon.

Changing oil pressure switch on 1996 Audi A4?

Audi A4 1999 1.9TDi Oil pressure light on continously. Engine sounds fine. How do I remove electrical connector to remove switch and check pressure with a gauge?

Is it normal for a pregnant woman to feel extreme pressure and soreness in her vaginal area?

It sounds like you might be having the baby right now! Get to the hospital!!

Why would your air conditioner have a normal to slightly high suction pressure and low head pressure with a 3 to 5 degree temperature difference?

What you're describing sounds suspiciously like a worn compressor.

What sounds are made when the blood pressure cuff is deflated?

Korotkov Sounds

1990 Chevy Celebrity wagon will not start until third try?

It sounds like the fuel pressure is bleeding off thus not enough pressure to open the injectors. After a couple of tries the fuel pump rebuilds the pressure and the engine will then run.

A 1993 geo metro with a 1.0L engine that is blowing black soot or smoke What would be the cause of this?

It sounds like your engine is in need of a ring job. I imagine your also losing a significant amount of oil and possibly water as well. I dare say that the head gasket isn't far behind. Your engine needs rebuilt.

Ford Taurus Oil light on pinging noise.?

This sounds like there is low or no oil pressure.Best to have oil pressure tested with a mechanical gauge.Running a engine with low or no oil pressure will cause major damage to it.

In relation to the normal heart sounds when would you expect to hear the abnormal sounds?

Abnormal sounds may be heard before, after, or during the normal heart sounds. For instance, sounds associated with stenosis may be heard before the closing of that valve.

How can i fix my Astra's cold running I warm the engine up in a traffic jam and its show's temperature is normal a but when running the engine cools down and the engine starts to stutter What can i do?

Sounds like you have a faulty thermostat. Its nothing expensive on hard to replace.

My 1990 Mitsubishi montero runs for a few seconds and then dies..what do i do?

Check the fuel filter and the fuel pump pressure. The problem sounds like the fuel pressure is too low to keep the engine running.

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