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Dear Reader; It may be normal for you. Let me explain some more. The wall of the uterus contains cells that are able to take on large amounts of fluids including blood in anticipation of pregnancy. The surface layer of these cells are discarded during each period. Some times these cells can get loose and start growing in other parts of the reproductive organs and in rare cases other parts of the body. This is called endometriosis. This can be a small bother once you know what it is or a greater problem. There is some generational predispostion toward endometriosis so let your mother and children know if your doctor confirms this to be what you have. Do check with your doctor to confirm what you have or don't have. Dwight

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Q: Is it normal for the walls of your vagina to swell up or enlarge a few days before your period begins?
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It's normal to get pimples anywhere on your body before you get your period.

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Yes before you get your period the first time you ovulate.

Is it normal to have no spotting before your first period and then have a heavy flow for your first period?

Completely normal.

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i get it too!

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yes .

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Yes, it is normal.

Is Smelly Gas before period normal?

yes it's normal

Is it normal to fell light headed before you get your period?

Yes, it is normal.

Is discharge before a period bad?

No it's normal. because its the beginning of ovulation it begins when the egg or (ovum) matures and getts realesd from the overies by menstaulcycle101 ty

Do you have to have breasts to get your period?

Typically, your breasts start to develop about 2 years before your period begins.

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Your actual period should last no longer than 6-7 days. (a week). During this time it can start, stop, be heavy, light...etc.

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after its over.

Is it normal to spot a week before your period or is this a sign of pregnancy?

It is not a sign of pregnancy and it is not normal.

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totally normal don't worry if you have never had your period before then well you may be!

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