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Yes, this is because the hymen has torn.

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Q: Is it normal for virgins to spot a little blood the day after intercourse?
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He used a condom and you had your period while having intercourse but the blood discharge became very less after that what does that mean?

This is normal. The blood will become less due to the friction of intercourse stopping your usual amount of blood being released. When having intercourse during your period, sometimes your period will stop and re-start a few days later which is also normal. You are also protected against pregnancy.

Why do you bleed every time after you have intercourse?

If you have bleeding every time you have intercourse you should talk with a qualified doctor right away. It is not normal to bleed following intercourse, and blood could be a symptom of a more serious condition.

What actors and actresses appeared in Blood of 1000 Virgins - 2013?

The cast of Blood of 1000 Virgins - 2013 includes: Nikki Leigh as herself

Is it normal for the vagina to swell up after intercourse?

Yes. When a woman gets sexually excited, more blood flows to the labia. It swells a little and sometimes a lot. Some women will notice no change at all.

What if there is no blood will go out if your in the sex intercourse?

It means you are completely normal. Only 2/10 girls bleed the first time.

Is it normal to wipe out a little bit of blood when your 12 weeks pregnant?

Spotting is completely normal

When you urinate and it has a little burn an you urinate a little of blood comes out what does that mean?

It means you should see a doctor. It is not normal to urinate blood.

Can a girl lose her virginity an lose a lot of blood?

No, it is normal to see a little blood for the first time, but not much.

Can you get aids if blood from a virgins vagnia gets in your mouth?

Yes, it is possible to get AID's and std's from a virgins blood, but only if you have an open sore in your mouth, the infected blood must enter your bloodstream in order for you to get the virus. But we ask how can a virgin have aids? the answer to that is the virgin with the virus, was born with it.

Is 131 over 92 a good blood pressure reading for a 43 year old female?

I think so. It may be a little high but still... From what I know, the normal blood pressure for a teenager is 120/90. Since you are a 43 year woman, I guess it is normal for the blood pressure to be a little higher or lower. I am not 100% sure, but I think the blood pressure seems normal.

Is it normal to have small traces of blood after intercourse Even the next day?

yes, if your a newbie the hymen may not have broken the first time and if you have long periods in between you may get alittle blood---use a condom

Normal blood pressure for 66 year old woman?

A normal or average blood pressure for a woman aged 66 is 120/80. The blood pressure can be a little over or under depending on the weight of the woman.

What is normal blood pressure for a 73 year old female?

The normal blood pressure A 73-year-old female is 120/90. The blood pressure can be a little higher or lower and still be in the safe range.

Is it normal for people to feel pain and bleed after intercourse?

if you are a girl who has just lost there virginity then yes. there is a thin membrane covering the vagina called the hymen which, when you have sex for the first time or do any activities like horse riding, gymnastics etc will tear which make make you bleed a little. which is perfectly normal. if it is any more than a little blood or it happens frequently i would consult a doctor.

Is 113 over 72 a good blood pressure?

Yes, a little low but normal.

What is a normal blood level?

Is this Blood Pressure or Blood Glucose (Sugar)? If you meant blood glucose the normal levels range between 4.0 and 8.0. A little higher or lower is fine but anything above 10 means you are at risk of Diabetes

How soon could a blood test determine whether or not you are pregnant after intercourse?

14 days after intercourse.

You are at the end of your 6th of pregnancy and have a little bit of red bleeding is this normal?

My doctor has told me that a little blood is normal; a lot of blood (like the amount you have with your period) and/or severe cramping is not. If you have period blood and cramping, you should go to the hospital. Otherwise, you're probably okay, but you can ask your doctor about it to be sure.

What the color red represent?

evil, fire, blood, virgins, love, remembrance day...

When you came off the pill you have a little blood the next day is that a period?

This is a withdrawal bleed and is normal.

Why don't capillaries need valves?

In these capilleries blood flow at normal or little low rate at normal conditions so there is no chance of back flow and so there is no need of valves in blood capilleries

Can you get HIV if both partners are virgins?

Yes, because your partner could still have gotten HIV from a source other than sexual intercourse, such as a shared hypodermic needle, a contaminated blood transfusion, or other contact with the blood of someone who is HIV positive. In rare cases a person may even be born HIV positive if the mother has it.

Why does Dracula love drinking virgins blood?

Because Dracula beleives in the purity of his victim (prey), so drinks virgin blood.

Is 114 64 Blood pressure count a normal for a 27 year old female?

Yes. It is a little on the low side. But, if you are an athlete lower blood pressure is normal. Normal for your age is below 120/80 and above 100/60.

Is it good if your blood sugar is 70?

If your blood sugar is 70, it's a little low but not too bad. Normal range is about 74-106.