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Well, it depends. If you have recently gotten your first period ever, than it's perfectly normal for it to be irregular for around two years before having a normal cycle. It's also normal for it to not be irregular when you first get it. The only reason you should not have it for two months could be a chance of pregnancy. I would suggest going to a doctor to get a check up.

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If the woman is still young and within the first years of starting her period then this can happen. However, it could be a number of other abnormal things such as pregnancy if the woman is engaging in intercourse or a hormonal imbalance. I would go to a doctor to get it figured out, because even for a young person 3 months is a long time to go without a menstrual!

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Its not normal but it is common, are you taking Birth Control? could you have ovarian cysts? or could you be pregnant?

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Q: Is it normal for women not having menstruation for 2-3 months?
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What females are most vulnerable to secondary amenorrhea?

Secondary amenorrhea occurs in women of childbearing age after a period of normal menstruation and is diagnosed when menstruation has stopped for three months. It can occur in women of any age.

Will it abort if a women has periods?

Yes it will. It's not real menstruation you are having.

Is it normal for a women to start her period a week later after having intercourse?

Yes, this is normal. Intercourse doesn't effect menstruation at all so it has no relation to your period, when your period starts is dependent on your menstrual cycle - sex doesn't effect this.

Is it normal to hate your period?

It's not normal to hate your period, but it is common. In our culture women are taught to think of menstruation only in negative terms - embarrassing, shameful, dirty, gross, smelly, inconvenient - and to ignore the many benefits of menstruation or how menstruation fits in with our wider cycles. Because women don't understand menstruation and feel uncomfortable discussing the subject it means that they are less likely to learn about menstruation in order to learn about benefits or how to manage problems like menstrual cramps. Furthermore women are taught that pain and inconvenience is to be expected during menstruation, and that women are slaves to hormones during menstruation or moody and irrational. It's no wonder women hate menstruation when that's all they're taught. A change in attitude can change all that.

Will micronor give normal menstruation?

No, women who take the progestin only pill usually do not have a regular period.

Can you always get a women pregnant?

well where da hellokitty do u think u came from?!

What is the normal blood pressure of 19 months pregnant women?

Likely non-existent, as women are only pregnant for nine months.

When you have your period does it be painful?

Menstruation can be painful, but not always and no one should tolerate pain thinking that it's normal. Menstrual cramps are common but not a normal part of healthy menstruation, most women can easily prevent cramps as long as there is no underlying health problem.